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  1. Center Channel upgrade?

    I have a kicker that should fit better. That speaker appears to be larger than the oem.
  2. PRL Cobra Cold Air Intake Si Intake

    Just sent a dm.
  3. K&N PRI intake for Si

    Was your car tuned?
  4. WTB PRL or 27WON intake for 10th gen Civic Si

    Looking to buy a PRL or 27WON intale for a 10th gen Civic Si.
  5. K&N PRI intake for Si

    How were the fuel trims with this intake?
  6. Clutch Options

    I may know of one in GA lol.
  7. Clutch Options

    I may know of one in GA lol.
  8. ***FS New Oem Stock Civic 1.5t turbo***

    Bump!! Make an offer
  9. WTB parts / Ktunner

    I have an SI flywheel and a brand new stock 1.5t turbo.
  10. ***FS New Oem Stock Civic 1.5t turbo***

    I am selling a new Civic 1.5t turbocharger that I had plans to modify and install in my Civic Si. I am asking 475 shipped for the turbo. My lost is your gain. Please feel free to ask any questions.
  11. Traded SI in. Several aftermarket parts FOR SALE!!!

    Intake still available?
  12. Part Out FC3

    PM sent
  13. WTB PRL, 27won cold air intake

    Looking for a PRL or 27won cold air intake.
  14. For Trade: My brand new 2020 Si wheels/tires for your '17'-'19 Si wheels/tires

    let me know if it does not work out, I will trade now.
  15. Sold: 27WON BBK

    I am a powder coating tech so color is not an issue to me. I also saw the the red with white on the site.
  16. Sold: 27WON BBK

    So for $92 more I can get a brand new kit?
  17. FS MAP Street SRI 2018 Civic Si

    Do you still have this?