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  1. CIVIC TYPE R blown motor

    Google search shows honda sells a civic type r crate motor for $6500 but you have to put it in a licenced race car. Wonder how much dealership charges for motor plus replacement cost?
  2. First mod you did on your CTR?

    Expel PFF full front of car, MaxPider 3d floormats, rally armor mud flaps in that order. I have clear with white led unity performance side markers on back order until May. Not sure what to do next. Summer in Louisiana is pretty hot. Was thinking a PRL intercooler might be a good option. Im...
  3. Civic Type R fuel system upgrade

    So this kit will let you run E85 gas? How hard is it to install this kit? Probably best to let trained mechanics intall the kit? How much do you think a shop will charge to install this?
  4. car wash and keeping your car looking pristine?

    This is a really good write up fatherpain. This is pretty much exactly how I wash my car lol.
  5. car wash and keeping your car looking pristine?

    I got full PFF on the front of my car including side mirrors. I also installed rally armor mud flaps. Mine is garage kept. Still thinking about getting a ceramic coat. Probably wont do ceramic coat. They have some pretty fancy car protection products you can buy and apply at home. Ive been using...
  6. Fumoto is having a 20% off sale today and tomorrow!!

    i think im going to change my own oil so I purchased one. thanks for the coupon. probably could have done it without the valve but looks a lot cleaner lol.
  7. I tried to test drive a CTR... no dice

    I drove up in my lifted 2014 chevy z71 with american force wheels and told the dealer i came to test drive a civic type r. I had my daughter with me. Both cars they had were on the showroom floor. I said while they work on getting the car off the floor they could get my truck appraised. Im in my...
  8. Official Sonic Grey Pearl Type R Picture Thread

    Looks really nice Cube!! You take good photos. So you are lowered and have wheel spacers? What is your setup? I really like that look. Im still stock springs, oem wheels and no spacers. Im kind of chicken to jump into mods just yet. I wonder if wheel spacers void factory warranty lol? I know...
  9. 2019 CTR Or 2020 CTR? HELP!!!

    I just bought my 2019 last month. I pretty much paid sticker price. I made the dealership discount anything they added over sticker. I bought mine not knowing what the 2020 model was going to change. To be honest I would have been upset it the 2020 made some really good upgrades that I felt were...
  10. Type R Owners: What's your annual income?

    Traded in a 2014 Chevy Silverado Z71 that was paid off($20k trade in). Put $6k down. Paid pretty much sticker price. Maybe a little under sticker. Got tire warranty, extended warranty. Payment is $398 per month on 4 year loan at 2.9% interest. I think I can afford that
  11. How hard to keep a white one clean?

    yep. SGP keeps that clean look even when its dirty lol.
  12. 800 miles, 2 nails..

    Your top pic looks like they can patch it. The bottom pic looks too close to the edge of the tire. I doubt the dealership will patch it. Small tire shop probably will though.
  13. 800 miles, 2 nails..

    900 miles on mine. Picked up a big staple. Was losing 2 pounds of air a day until I was able to get it to the dealership. I bought the 5 year ultimate tire warranty since the finance guy said a CTR single rim costs $1300 new. Had this patched for free. I have a feeling that tire warranty will...
  14. Civic Type R Owners: What do you do for a living?

    I am a service tech for a major communications company. Been with them for 15 years. Most of the guys I work with are men that drive big trucks. I got the mid life crisis deal from a few of the guys. I had a big truck before I purchased the car. Having a big truck is definitely more practical...
  15. Official Sonic Grey Pearl Type R Picture Thread

    You guys are right. Its my car and I like them so who cares. Ive had some compliments as well so its all good. Nice tail lights burrito. Looks good on SGP. Might have to pick those up. I can sort of see your clear side markers as well. I have those ordered but they haven't come in the mail yet.
  16. Official Sonic Grey Pearl Type R Picture Thread

    Red Mud Flaps on a SGP. Guys at work laughed at me but I think it looks good lol. The hard part is done really. I can always get some black mud flaps to replace them later. I just feel like i need them around where I live. So much small gravel and dirt.
  17. I finally pulled the trigger. 19” SGP FK

    Welcome to the SGP club. I got mine about a month ago. #34184. Its a great color really. Looks clean even when its dirty lol.
  18. Share your FK8 mods list

    I've had my car for 3 weeks(2019 SGP Civic Type R #34184): XPEL Clear Wrap paint protection full front of the car Red Rally Armor Mud Flap(installed them myself last night) 3D Maxpider Kagu Floor Mats Unity Performance Cear with White LED side markers(still waiting for them to come in the mail)...