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  1. Si vs GTI 0-60 and Track test

    Who the hell has time to do this procedure in their Si before they go out for a drive lol. Honda should have given the Si a TCS off button. Not the power robbing crap they currently have going. And yes. The Si does not really have a chance against the GTI performance wise. The Si engine is way...
  2. What are your top 3 complaints with the Civic Si?

    Umm you realize not having a sunroof gives you more headroom right? Unless you plan to drive a car with your head out the roof?
  3. VitTuned Initial Civic Si Testing

    The 87oct Dyno Si made about 190whp and 200tq. My Civic Si dynoed at 180whp bone stock, and is a bit lighter. When you factor in boost lag and TC cutting power on the new Si, my old civic actually felt faster, more peppy and eager. But these are different time now. Anyway looking forward to the...
  4. VitTuned Initial Civic Si Testing

    Interesting the Civic Si's are showing up at the dealer with 87 oct. Makes sense why my test drive car felt sluggish and slow. I know this questions isnt for me, but I did test drive a 2017 Si sedan. It has rev-hang. I dont think the flywheel makes a difference you will be able to feel UNTIL...
  5. Full Civic Type R specs (Euro model) revealed!

    Honestly I like the CTR. Honda did good on it. Yes it has negatives... (FWD) but at least its the fastest FWD ever. I might not like the SI much but the CTR is awesome and has the true potential we have been waiting for.
  6. Full Civic Type R specs (Euro model) revealed!

    Na thats too fast. Old CTR was at 14.1ish. This new CTR will be 13.5 to 14.0 Agree with above post.... Tune wont help 0-60 at all. Want to help that, get slicks.
  7. 2017 Si Driving Impressions and review - Turbo lag?

    Well I think the answer to that is no. All they have to prove is their engine can make peak torque at 2100rpm.... If you take the engine and put it on a test bench, put it in 6th gear, and go WOT for a good 5-10 seconds, Than it should actually do the fugues they suggest. Also assuming...
  8. My review of the Si coupe

    I dont want to take this thread off topic.... However regarding the Nissan GT-R you are absolutely incorrect. I remember reading the brochure on the 2014 Nissan GT-R. It had a couple interesting points which I will quote here...
  9. 2017 Si Driving Impressions and review - Turbo lag?

    Honda lied to you. Are you ok with that?
  10. 2017 Si Driving Impressions and review - Turbo lag?

    2100 RPM you say... Here is another review. He also states 3500rpm. Skip to 4 minutes.
  11. 2017 Si Driving Impressions and review - Turbo lag?

    Yes but that has a stipulation. The engine has to have sufficient loading time to spool the turbo. 1st gear does not provide this. At 2100rpm you make as much torque as a low compression non-turbo 1.5l engine. So not much. Planting my foot to the floor in 3rd gear I was not hitting boost until...
  12. 2017 Si Driving Impressions and review - Turbo lag?

    Nope... Thats my R. My buddy was in the market for a 4 door commuter so I suggested a Si. He came by my house so we can test it out. He wont be buying a Si after the test drive.
  13. 2017 Si Driving Impressions and review - Turbo lag?

    Good news about this new Si is I think a Hondata tune can fix it. Tune out the rev hang and traction control. If you guys are buying a new Si I really highly recommend a Hondata tune. It made a massive difference on my old Si and I think this new Si will have even better results. Not just power...
  14. 2017 Si Driving Impressions and review - Turbo lag?

    Well boys I just drove a 2017 Civic Si and I can say overall compared to my 2008 Si I am not impressed with the driving experience. There is quite a bit of lag. 1st gear really only makes power from 3500rpm and onward. I revved it out to 6500rpm limiter and it was still making decent power so I...
  15. Canada vs USA

    The cars are built in Ontario so makes sense... Also our dollar is lower. The options help make up the difference considering we will be paying 29k MSRP for a SI
  16. 2017 Si Driving Impressions and review - Turbo lag?

    I heard you cannot fully deactivate traction/stability control. True? Major bummer if so.
  17. 2017 Civic EXT vs LX vs 8th gen boosted vs 2017 Si --- 0-60

    The sound of the 8th gen is a breath of fresh air. Awesome.
  18. Honda Reveals 2017 Civic Si Coupe and Sedan (205 HP / 192 LB-FT)

    You know it doesn't matter what's under the hood. The only thing that matters is who's behind the wheel.