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  1. Can you swap a CVT for another CVT or automatic Transmission?

    Just go and buy a Toyota. Put your energy into something else that will change the world 😉😉😉
  2. Please Help

    Stock ones work great and don't cause problems. Just return it to stock.
  3. complete noob to tire rotation

    Then why does it specify cross rotating in the manual if the tires are side specific? I've been cross rotating them for the last 20 years with no issues. Just saying
  4. How many miles on your CVT civic?

    My 1 year old 19 1.5 just turned 6k. Still running fine.
  5. Got backed into tonight..... thoughts?

    Metal is too thin to rework like old days. And replacement parts are much cheaper than they used to be. At least that was what I was told when I had something similar. It's still probably $2 to $3,000
  6. Fender damage

    Definitely fur get about it!!!
  7. Any sales going on today?

    Free beer tomorrow
  8. Changed spark plugs, car now breaks up under boost, misfires, and dies with engine code p0344 (Camshaft position sensor)

    With that many miles, I would not be trying to hit max boost. The cars not new anymore and I'm sure you dont want a catastrophic failure. Drive it like an old man.
  9. TYPE R wing install gone wrong

    Hopefully nobody grabs it or it gets exposed to side or pulling forces. Best of luck....
  10. Anyone just chill in their ride?

    Umm, no. But thanks for asking.
  11. People who have left your airbag warning tag on: why?

    It makes me think the car is new. I still have mine proudly displayed on my 1999 Corvette.
  12. Went pass rev limiter scary

    Why do you think they put in a rev limiter? Why do you think they make the red line red? If you want a high performance car buy one. Don't try to make the car something it's not designed to be.
  13. Had damaged hood replaced, bad work?

    That really looks like a standard manufacturing tolerances. When the car was assembled, they had the option to adjust fenders. Sadly, it will never be perfect, in spite of all things going on today... I'd let it go. First world problem.
  14. Is my motor fucked?

    Why not return it to stock, then see how it runs.
  15. Car losing throttle response/ power / horsepower while driving

    Another reason to leave things stock. Seen this type of thing over and over.
  16. where do you do your scheduled maintenence dealer or own mechanic

    Definitely do everything myself. I'm retired and have not taken any car to the dealer for general maintenance since I started driving 45 years ago. It has been my therapy and I know it's done right!!!
  17. Favorite YouTube car channel?

    What's YouTube?
  18. honda care a good warranty

    Only go with factory warranty. But I would question why you think you need one. These cars are almost flawless. In 30 years of buying cars, I never bought one, nor did I ever need one. Saved enough to probably buy a car or two.
  19. 2016 civic hatchback 1.5 turbo brake hold, vs, ep...need help

    Did you flash it? And if you used spell check, you may get more responses. That was difficult to read and comprehend. Sorry, I saw you flashed it. I got a headache 2/3 of the way through.