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  1. Using Genesis Brembo

    5mm spacer is totally safe and fine if you have enough thread engagement from your lug nuts. For M12x1.5 you need at an absolute minimum 6.5 turns of thread engagement, 7 if you want to feel safe. If you can’t get that many turns then yeah a 5mm spacer should be a no go. The spacers that become...
  2. Using Genesis Brembo

    Sorry I don’t have the part number, but these calipers fit type r pads, just go on R1Concept’s website and on the vehicle info just put in a type R. It’s the Optimum OEp pads that are the oem equivalent, without the type r price tag
  3. Using Genesis Brembo

    If they’re the brembo ceramic pads don’t bother with it lol. Poor feel and bite for my taste. I’m using R1Concept semi-metallic. Dusty as hell also, but a good bite. Tried their type r OEM equivalent pads also, amazing bite but man that brake squeal no joke. I just use them for canyon runs now...
  4. Should I buy redrilled wheels?

    Should look into where he’s getting them redrilled and do some research on the shop/person doing it also
  5. Should I buy redrilled wheels?

    I’m sure if redrilled professional it would be fine, but to keep my conscience quiet I couldn’t do it
  6. EX to sport diffuser 2017 hatchback

    Numerous post on this, long story short part will fit, center mounted exhaust will not fit... Reason being the sport/sport touring emergency donut tire sit higher than all the other hatchback trims to allow for the center mounted exhaust to fit. Ex’s donut sits low so a center mounted exhaust...
  7. Using Genesis Brembo

    What pads are you running ?
  8. Using Genesis Brembo

    Yup I have the same amount of overhang
  9. Using Genesis Brembo

    Here are the part numbers to the slickfab R1Concept rotors. “They’re special rotors designed for this application” (is what I’ve been told by a rep, you have to call in R1Concept to place an order, won’t be on the website
  10. Using Genesis Brembo

    No adjustment needed, just add a little more brake fluid since the calipers require more than OEM’s. Rubber lines are fine as well, but SS lines will give a more responsive/better sturdy feel compared to the rubber lines. It’s a simple install, but be mindful there is slight pad overhang whether...
  11. Mixing 100 Octane?

    If you’re going to store E85 just be mindful if it sits for too long it will collect the moisture in the air and the fuel will begin to separate. Put that in your car and DEATH. Make sure to mix it around every now and then or don’t store so much. Those ethanol stabilizers don’t work either so...
  12. Help with fitment

    Stock size, 245/40, or 255/35
  13. Oil choice.

    Here is oil analysis on Boosted 5w-30 since I run ethanol. A good example why 5w-30 is recommended for ethanol lol. Before I was running 0w-20 SS and didn’t have an issue with oil thinning down to concerning levels (but that could just be because I ran on Boosted 5w-30 longer than 0w-20 SS). At...
  14. Fog Light Movement? (Solved)

    Well really the only thing holding them in is 2 plastic mounting points on the bumper and 2 screws
  15. Zxe headlight bulbs

    Just buy straight from the manufacture website, morimoto is a good website. Little pricey, but never have had any issues from them. Of course there are other cheaper alternatives
  16. Zxe headlight bulbs

    I remember I used them once back in like 2014 and ended up returning them. In my honest opinion.. it’s a overpriced halogen bulb with a blue tint over it to make it look “modern”. LEDs are brighter, cooler (temperature wise), and last longer than halogen bulbs. You’re better off going that...
  17. For sale avid av26 with tires

    You’ll be perfectly fine
  18. Passing inspection with o2 disabled

    Not all defouler are built the same. They come in different lengths, widths, different hole openings etc. you have to find the sweet spot for it to turn the CEL off. Put it too close it’ll throw a code, put it too far it’ll throw a code
  19. Passing inspection with o2 disabled

    Just buy a defouler and turn the code on
  20. Will it fit?

    For a 8in width wheel you can run up to +25 offset anything past that you begin running into rubbing issues. With +25 on coils or lowering springs you might get the occasional scrap, in that case you would look at neg camber or fender rolling (the neg camber on lowering springs should suffice)...