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  1. 985 Mile 2009 S2000 CR sells for $112,111

    There are cars way better at the price point. At this point people buying are paying for nostalgia. I drove a properly set-up S2000 many years ago and it was great but 111K ? Yea no thanks
  2. Floating feeling at high speeds fk7

    The car is a commuter car at its core and is built that way on purpose. It a people hauler/grocery getter that gets decent gas mileage. When we increase power and push its limits beyond what the suspension and aero is designed to do, I guess feeling the car being floaty is expected. Now, I was...
  3. Super loud subwoofer rattle?

    @cxb what you re experiencing most likely is the rear shelf vibrating against the rear glass every time the sub is hitting bass. There are threads here offering various kinds of fix. Search around and see if you can find a reasonable solution to your issue. Good luck!
  4. How good is the gas mileage of your car?

    I took a trip from Virginia to Philly about two weeks ago and I average 36 MPG
  5. Civic vibrating at stop when climate control is off

    2017 Touring here with 33,000 miles and I feel the vibration as well. Like you said, if the HVAC is on or there is any load on the engine to raise the RPM from ~600 ish the vibration goes away.
  6. 2.0 vs 1.5?

    I purchased my 2017 Civic Touring 1.5T with 21,000 miles in Dec of 2019. As of Dec 2020, I have 32,000 miles on the engine. I took the car in for routine service at the beginning of this month and had the tech take off the intake and check the valves for carbon build-up. The tech showed me the...
  7. 2.0 vs 1.5?

    Listen to this guy, OP. He is right, forget about the monthly payments. Get yourself a true OTD price, including all the title, taxes, fees, etc. Then negotiate from there. Once you have a number you are comfortable with, then look at financing. 5 yrs/60 months or whatever you are comfortable...
  8. When you come to a stop light and the guy behind you comes to close.

    One of the many reason why we need better driver education across most of this world. Just because you can buy a motor vehicle does not mean you are capable to drive it without causing issues.
  9. Whining noise

    I have a 2017 Civic Touring with CVT and I have not heard this sound unless I have my HVAC fan running (which I think is a different sound that what you are talking about). The car has 32,000 miles or about 51,500 kms. I had the CVT fluid drained and refilled about 500 miles ago and it really...
  10. Extremely loud subwoofer rattle?

    Ok thats good that this issue is not it. Like you mentioned, if you are getting the rattle sound at really low sound it most probably is the woofer/speaker. Good luck getting it resolved.
  11. Extremely loud subwoofer rattle?

    Its not the subwoofer itself but the rear shelf vibrating against the rear glass. My 2017 Touring has the same issue and I have no idea how to get it fixed.
  12. Cvt trans fluid change

    I bought my 2017 Civic Touring with 21K miles in Jan 2020. I had the CVT fluid drained and filled with 31K miles. I am glad I did so because it really smoothed out the CVT especially at parking lot speeds and driving in stop and go traffic. I hear on this forum that 30K miles is a good interval...
  13. New owner advice/tips to prepare for AC failures or oil dilution

    2017 Touring with 1.5T. I bought the car used with 21,000 miles in Dec of 2019. Changed the oil with 3.7 qts of Pennzoil Ultra Platinum (0w-20) in Feb 2020 when the car had 24,000 miles. The oil was right at the top hole on the dipstick. Waited for the MM to pop up and the mileage was at 30,350...
  14. After call, volume stuck at max of 11 (iPhone 11/Carplay)

    Thanks for the advice. I reset the headunit/nav and it seems to be working smooth so far.
  15. After call, volume stuck at max of 11 (iPhone 11/Carplay)

    No, I have not. How do I reset the car audio/nav system? Thanks
  16. After call, volume stuck at max of 11 (iPhone 11/Carplay)

    Hello everyone, I have been having this issue on and off for a couple months. (2017 Civic Touring) What happens is I will take a call and once I hang up and go back to listening music (pandora, YouTube etc) I am streaming via my phone, the volume wont go any higher than 11. This wont go away...
  17. Air filter tests - interesting

    So WIX or Purolator seems to be a good balance between filtration and airflow. Good to know!!