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  1. My curmudgeonly rant of the day on modern technology.

    Aware of this. Wanted to be able to control the air speed and direction without being overridden by a backup cam. Also, post was intended to be a touch of morning humor as I was already grouchy about other stuff prior to the touch screen thing, and I just in the mood to be annoyed by...
  2. Hatchback and trailer hitch?

    Someone on this site adapted a hitch to fit the hatch with the center exhaust. They posted pics. It was / is brilliant.
  3. My curmudgeonly rant of the day on modern technology.

    Ok, so... 1) I have had a really stiff neck for the last day for no apparent reason, irritating as all get out. Grr. 2) There was no milk in the fridge this AM. Khaaaan! 3) No coffee yet. So, prepare yourselves. Better yet, stop reading now. Anyway... This morning pissed me off, on top...
  4. For those who have ordered the DEPO Led Headlights

    Assuming the DEPO units are basically clones of the OEM lights, here is a comparison of the halogens and the LED units. Click on the "headlights" tab on the left.
  5. For those who have ordered the DEPO Led Headlights

    If I had a dollar for every lighting modification that this phrase applied to, I'd be retired on my own private island.
  6. Noticeable Passenger Seat Vibration when using 87 Octane?

    Our EX-T was exhibiting some roughness at idle. I shot half a can of CRC GDI Intake Valve cleaner in the intake while my wife kept the revs up. The idle is noticeably smoother now, like the car was when it was new. I'm convinced it was some carbon buildup on the valves. 42k miles at the time...
  7. Speedometer Font - Digital VS Analog Dashboards

    I like the gauge style of the US market LX a lot better than that of our EX-T. If I could swap an LX cluster into our EX-T sedan, I'd do it.
  8. Mpg question

    Mid to upper 30s, mixed driving, 87 octane, on both our auto hatch and sedan turbos. I don't think we've ever seen below 33-34 on a tank no matter how hard driven or whether A/C was on, etc. Right now the computer on the sedan says 40.9 average on the current tank. Hand calc, I've found, is...
  9. CVT Longevity -

  10. CVT Longevity -

    I was thinking something along these lines. ^
  11. Fuel overfill - Honda is aware and working on it?

    Ok, our Civic has been spitting gas back at us out of the worthless capless filler since we got it new. The TSB came out in February, I believe, and by that point we already had over 36k miles on the car. No worries, the one time in our lives we ever bought an extended warranty was on this...
  12. Who has the most miles on their 1.5t civic?

    Disturbing that a strut mount bearing is already going bad. They should last twice the miles you have on the car, at least.
  13. Civic X Life Expectancy

    I think there are a number of vehicles that will have parts support as long as a Civic will. You'll likely be able to keep a full size Chevy or Ford pickup on the road until the end of time, if you want to badly enough. Tons of them built every year, tons on the road of all age ranges, people...
  14. Who has the most miles on their 1.5t civic?

    42,124 mi. Issues so far: Random beeps from head unit, comes and goes Capless fuel filler randomly spits fuel out sometimes when getting gas. Going in tomorrow AM for TSB application, finally bothered me enough to take action Middle air vent points to the sky sometimes in hot weather...
  15. Civic X Life Expectancy

    This is a great point. It might not be too long into the future when the majority of new cars are hybrid or pure electric. Cars that operate purely under ICE power will become less common at some point.
  16. Civic X Life Expectancy

    I've owned a lot of old cars over the years, the kind you fix yourself. One thing I've found is that owning a manual can put you at a distinct disadvantage when trying to track down certain parts on a 20 year old car. Parts availability for a 20 or 30 year old car can often come down to how...
  17. What did you do with your window sticker?

    I had mine copied, enlarged to 3x normal size, then mounted in an ornate, gilded picture frame which I hung prominently above my bed, on the ceiling. I have the original stored in a titanium cylinder housed in the Strataca salt mine 600 feet below the surface of Kansas, just in case.
  18. CVT Longevity -

    I'm curious to know how many Civic owners participate in all day drag race sessions. The most stress 99.9% of Civics are ever subjected to (aside from a traffic accident) is sitting in gridlock during rush hour, pulling into a parking space at the grocery store, or a kid spilling apple juice...
  19. Civic X Life Expectancy

    You can theoretically keep any car on the road indefinitely if you're willing to throw enough money at it. The reason most cars end up in salvage yards is that they get old, they don't have much resale value, and something breaks which is expensive enough to fix that it is deemed not worth the...
  20. CVT Longevity -

    Kansas City metro area. EDIT: found the receipt. '16 EX-T sedan C MAINT MINDER CODE 3 - Transmission service 4 08200-HCF2 FLUID (HCF-2) $13.28 ea x 4 = $53.12 1 90471-PX4-000 WASHER, DRAIN (18MM) $4.06 PARTS $57.18 LABOR $49.77 TOTAL LINE C...