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  1. Official TONIC YELLOW PEARL Civic Thread

    I never comment on people's journals but I have to say this: I am glad I'm not the only one who has been subjected to the "Rock and Roll Mcdoooooooooonalds!" song, lol! Also, I get more of a watermelon vibe than Mcds, not sure if that makes things better! For the record, I like it, it looks unique!
  2. LED Honda emblems ??

    Those looks awesome! Knowing the law in VA, I'd probably get a ticket, LOL
  3. I couldn't resist a little rice!☺️

    I think what makes OP's look great is that they had part of them wrapped the same color as their car. Due to that, it does look like the vent is really part of the body. I'm tempted to steal the idea xD
  4. D Boy shiftz ( cvt shift boot )

    Yes, twice, highly recommend.
  5. Removal of dealer decal (and other questions)

    4. They have some rear side window louvres on Amazon I've been eyeing. They don't seem to come up much on here. (I'd link them but not sure if amazon links are allowed). What are the thoughts on these? These are a personal thing, I think, as some people like em and others don't. I personally...
  6. Spiked lug nuts poll.

    To each their own, I wouldn't though!
  7. Aftermarket Wing

    ABS Dynamics, they have em on ebay for about $300. I paid $250 and had it painted near my place.
  8. Finally got the 2020 diffuser and 2020 rear garnish installed.

    I love the color! Curious, what tow strap is that?
  9. Post Your Aftermarket Wheel/Tire setup on Stock Suspension

    While I agree that they are OEM and not aftermarket, I don't see the problem with their post. And they technically aren't Civic ones like BarracksSi has said ;) Not a big deal, let's move on! Here's my Konig Illusions, wheel size is 18x8, Offset: 45 mm.
  10. Type S grill badge: Nice or rice?

    I did it, no shame, I feel like it completes it. To each their own! (The focus of the pic was the "H" badge, btw, it's just the only pic I currently have available that shows the Acura OEM 02-06 RSX Type-S Emblem "Type S" which explains why it's blurry, lol).
  11. I couldn't resist a little rice!☺️

    I've been eyeing that for a while but I'm terrified I'm going 80 on the highway and they just fly off, haha. Looking awesome though!
  12. Survey for those who have had their condensor replaced.

    Before I traded my blue hatchsport in, I had it replaced and it worked perfectly fine for the remaining month or so I had it.
  13. I need some interior opinions for my hatch

    Plus, tan will definitely be a pta to clean, black will hide any nasty scruffs or stains that are hard to take out. better than tan will.
  14. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    I saw that in the listing, I have a CVT and am very interested for that and a few other readings. May need to look into it! Thanks to gtman for the link!
  15. Type R Friendly Northen VA Dealership

    This is late af but I got both my civics at Hendrick Honda in Woodbridge (off rt. 1). Never had any problems with them regarding services.
  16. 27WON Decal Placement. Would it be better to move to rear driver side window near center pillar?

    I think this is up to each person's personal taste. Personally, I would have added it to the engine bay or the hatch window. It doesn't look bad there, but it really is up to you.
  17. 2021 10th Gen Mega Meet for DC/MD/VA Area

    This was great! Anyone have any idea when pics will be up and where? There was a young lady taking photographs there and I would love to see what she took (heck, I'd love to see what everyone took tbh)!
  18. Civic Coupe Taillight Tint

    I live in VA and was not aware of this! I need to do some diggin'!