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  1. How to make the 1.5t cvt fart

    I'm not sure which of these threads gets old quicker. These or the BOV ones. :cool: And in this case it's safer and smarter to just buy some chili and have some normally aspirated farts.
  2. Newly available quick adjustments for TSP Stage 1 and Stage 2 Tunes! (Throttle Responsiveness and Padding)

    There's a couple reasons it won't happen. For one, there's only so much you can do with the normally aspirated engine. For example, KTuner only offers one base map compared to the numerous maps of the turbo models. Hondata doesn't even bother. The main reason is that from a business point of...
  3. Cars not acting right

    Post up a datalog.
  4. “Needed” mods/upgrades?

    So the OP said "needed" mods. I agree on KTuner and the better tires. Intercooler is a nice upgrade, no doubt, but not absolutely necessary. I've done pretty well without one in the past 3+ years being tuned. Oil catch can not so much. Clutch, it really depends on the power of the tune and...
  5. civic vs accord

    Just my opinion, so take that for what it's worth. You can't go wrong with either car. Don't rely on other people's opinions. Get the car that best suits your needs. For example, do you often have 3 or 4 passengers? The Accord would be better. Want to spend less on gas? The Civic. Plan to...
  6. Wheel questions

    The wheels you like come in 18X8 +35. That would be a good choice.
  7. Wheel questions

    You may want to post info on the wheels you're interested in.
  8. Running ktunner base map boost dropping

    l wouldn't sweat such a small difference in boost like that. Could just be environmental factors like warmer weather. As far as your fuel trims, that's a bit high. Are they running -10 or +10?
  9. Help!!! 235/40R18 fit 17 inch?

    Why not sell your old setup in the Classifieds here? Either as a local pickup or buyer pays for shipping.
  10. Decided on a 2021 Civic Hatchback as my first new car. Unsure on Trim level.

    Only the expensive Sport Touring not the regular Sport hatch.
  11. IAT vs IAT2

    The link I posted with you agreeing with me and JR was the only thing regarding this I had seen you post. Never saw this video before. My apologies. Let's have KTuner verify this new info so we can clear up the confusion.
  12. IAT vs IAT2

    And yet a well known KTuner guy from Malaysia @CAPTS says otherwise.
  13. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Thread (for all models)

    Yeah, that's the thing. Knock Control while mostly a reflection of fuel quality also is affected by things like ambient temps and load. I just wish TSP or Phearable would release a paid update that included the artificial knock rise disable feature.
  14. IAT vs IAT2

    To me it's not confusing at all once you realize it varies depending on your tuning device (applies to 1.5T). KTuner IAT 1 - pre IAT 2 - post Hondata IAT 1 - post IAT 2 - pre
  15. Ktuner Question what parameters to track?

    Knock count is nothing to worry about unless you see hundreds in a few seconds. .55 is a decent number for knock control with the TSP1 on 91.
  16. Ktuner Question what parameters to track?

    Short term fuel trims fluctuate wildly but + or - 10% is the range you want to be in mostly. Long term fuel trims should ideally be close to 0 but in the real world, anything up to around the + or - 7% range is acceptable.
  17. Ktuner Question what parameters to track?

    For the basics, monitor STFT1, LTFT1, IAT1, IAT2, K. Control and boost.
  18. IAT vs IAT2

    Even going back to the early 10th gen tuning days of Vit in 2017, he mentions IAT1 being at the MAF: Now of course we're talking about North American vehicles.
  19. IAT vs IAT2

    ^ What he said. Arrowspeed, this is the third time I've seen you tell everyone they're wrong. I guess you may want to tell JR from KTuner he doesn't know what he's talking about, too. He's stated numerous times IAT1 is pre and IAT2 is post.