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  1. First Oil Change

    My oil life is currently at 10%. It just turned. I think i'm like about 6.7k miles. I took it to the dealer and he said honda recommends it to change at 5% because it's the first break in oil. I just drove 1 hour to them and now not sure if I want to come back when it drops down that low and...
  2. SOLD - OEM ASEAN Style Front Under Spoilers - Lunar Silver

    Can you take pics of it and hold it up to your car bumper?
  3. Opinions on only rear window tinting?

    I ended up just getting the back windows and rear tinted 20%. I figured I'd try that out first and see if I like it. I indeed do like it and have not pushed to get the fronts done as I just don't feel like I really need it and would rather just stay legal. If I do anything further, it will be to...
  4. Door visor problem

    What kind of noise is it. The noise that comes from the visor splitting the air or the sound of something rattling between the visor and the door part it's attached too? As for Superior Honda, holy crap they are dumb as$ hole$$!!!! if something works most of the time, and then a product...
  5. Anyone trying to catch them all?

    perfect opportunity to take the gym for yourself. I think I am going to look for isolated places where hardly anyone goes, like those old people homes.
  6. Anyone trying to catch them all?

    You won't be saying that for long. Pokemon Go is taking the world by storm. Better do it quick. Everyone's getting stronger real fast. Dang, heck lucky
  7. Anyone trying to catch them all?

    Anybody else cruising in their civic all over town catching Pokemon?
  8. 2016 Civic EX-L White On Beige (outdoor)

    I totally agree with you. I think if I had gotten the EX-L or Touring with leather interior, I would go for the beigh for the all around luxurious look on the nice leather. I got an EX-T though, so I went for the aggressive non leather black interior.
  9. Ex-wing spoiler, side molding, auto dim rearview mirror, shark fin and fog lights added

    I wanted the wing spoiler too, but if I wanted it that bad, I would have just traded my trunk with someone else who owns an Ex or Lx to avoid the holes. I'm pretty sure most of them would like a free deckled spoiler if they never intended to get the wing spoiler. As for the turbo engine point, I...
  10. Ex-wing spoiler, side molding, auto dim rearview mirror, shark fin and fog lights added

    why didn't you just buy an ex-t? wouldn't it have been the same price as all that stuff added except no labor and you get a new engine, 17 inch wheels, and a moon roof?
  11. Someone just got tinted :)

    you said "some." where are the rest.
  12. SOLD - OEM ASEAN Style Front Under Spoilers - Lunar Silver

    Why don't you just put them on. Gosh, not one person has put up a pic of these on this forum yet.
  13. How often do you guys wash your Civic?

    How many microfiber cloth do you use to wipe the detail? Do you reuse them and do you just rinse them with water after words and let them dry?
  14. Third party window door visor?

    Any one try any of the the third party window door visor that they may recommend or not recommend. anyone tried ikon's:

    But I haven't bought it yet. If your's is just sitting around, why don't you list it and let us know how it goes? it's free to list on eBay.

    That is a great idea. We wouldn't need to purchase a brand new one. All we need is to find someone else over there that wants ours and we can then do a trade. Someone needs to start a forum for that kind of stuff. I really want the clear side markers, but not willing to pay out of my ass. What...
  17. Anyone get pulled over for front window tint?

    I ended up doing 20% on rear and let the fronts remain un-tinted for now. Seeing how light the 20% came out, I think i might consider getting 50% on the front as that is probably enough to be a nice tint but practically still clear enough to pass. I really like the tint job I got, but I kinda...
  18. Post your tinted windows

    I'm not sure how they did it for mines, but they just did it. I didn't have to convince them. I think if you go to a place that is more like a family owned business where the worker does everything by hand, then they most likely will not have the tools to work around it and will end up cutting...
  19. Post your tinted windows

    Has anyone tried mixing tinting brand between fronts and rears? was the change noticeable? Since I don't spend much time at the back of my vehicle and someone on here mentioned that most heat come from the front windows, I was thinking of just getting the 3m Color Stable about 20% for the rears...