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  1. Touring subwoofer rattles.

    I finally had a field manager from Honda come out and look at my car last week. He confirmed the issue along with the issue in other Civics too. He is currently reporting it back to the engineers or whatever and they will hopefully release some kind of TSB or recall (well, subwoofer fix not...
  2. Blown turbo on Civic touring

    So is this a common problem that should be worried about?
  3. Got into a car accident today.

    OUch this sucks :( Looks like mine too so this is going to cause a nightmare.
  4. Touring subwoofer rattles.

    Please, check the video in my sig and call Honda! Get them to make a case for it. At least for others who share this problem, it'll help.
  5. Which generation of Corvette would you buy?

    This past week I have flip flopped so much in my head. The C5 is absolutely sexy. I guess part of me sees it as "old" new. I hate that feeling. A car should feel timeless, and the C5 does. The new C7 looks much more like a Ferrari.
  6. First scratch stories

    It's true. A gardener was outside blowing leaves. As I slowly drove by he pointed it at me.
  7. First scratch stories

    Well now I really have a first scratch story. A bird poop was on my hood for a few days. Removed it today and it actually marred the paint! And left a thin scratch.
  8. Can anyone suggest a touch up pen/paint for the interior silver trim?

    Just picked up the car from service and noticed a couple of small dings. Can't say what the origin was though.
  9. Collision Mitigation Braking System™(CMBS™)

    Funny because it's one system you can only test by trying to get into an accident.
  10. Collision Mitigation Braking System™(CMBS™)

    I wish I knew but I'm too scared to test it lol
  11. Service bulletin 16-022 Audio unit device update

    They don't want to do it on my car either. They say it's not showing up. But my vin is affected.
  12. Touring subwoofer rattles.

    Wow that is bad. Do you mind if I quote this in my youtube video's description? Which btw, please checkout and call the # to let Honda know about this.
  13. Civic a "Best Car to get to 200,000" says Consumer Reports

    fords are ****ing terrible. Just sold ours. It was in the shop or dead and undrivable literally more time than the opposite. Just sold it with flat tires, broken engine and dead battery. It's been sitting for a couple of years now and somehow during that time the fuel pump broke too.
  14. What do you do when Honda won't fix something under warranty?

    Yes. Here's the problem, Honda is the one advising what to do. I take it to another dealer and they talk to Honda and Honda says do this or do that and it doesn't get fixed.
  15. Annoying new problem - source menu keeps popping up

    Aaand I solved it. Factory reset. Which turned out to be overkill because as I was going over all the settings again I saw "audio source pop up", in the audio options, which does exactly as I described in the first post. Funny thing is I never remember turning it on and it just started happening...
  16. Annoying new problem - source menu keeps popping up

    I turn on the car, source menu pops up. Go to audio screen, source menu pops up, go back to home then back to audio screen, source menu pops up etc. I've already reset the audio system so I'm not sure what's going on but it wasn't always like this.
  17. What Accessories Do You Keep/Have in your Civic?

    I always leave a $20 bill in my cars. It comes in handy when I forget my wallet and need cash somewhere.
  18. Service bulletin 16-022 Audio unit device update

    Oh hey my vin number falls in that range! Almost didn't make the cutoff too. I guess I'll just tell them about some of those problems.
  19. Service bulletin 16-022 Audio unit device update

    How can I get local dealer to install this if my VIN isn't showing it needs this update?
  20. What do you do when Honda won't fix something under warranty?

    Well I wouldn't want to get rid of the car, that would be a whole big mess. I just want Honda to fix it. Honestly I think they could just stuff some foam around the brake light or something, I don't know why they didn't. But I want them to own up to it. It affects everyone so I want everyone to...