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  1. Heat issues

    Have you looked into a radiator spray? It's an old trick where you spray water on the front of your radiator. Like any water injection it has it's capacity limits, but in the desert where the humidity is non existent, it can really make a difference. That being said, thermal conductivity of dry...
  2. Parking lot mistake

    Did that to a rental car. Expect over $1,000.00.
  3. Clutch recommendations on stock flywheel

    Putting on a single mass flywheel really moves it away from stock. On the other hand I've heard that the dual mass flywheel is not reusable. Do your research. I'm still contemplating what to do about my clutch. It only slips on higher boost settings when I'm really pushing it. Which has only...
  4. Si wheel spacers

    For those of you running spacers. What I'm looking for is a slight increase in "center of gravity", "steering wheel feedback", "softer ride" and of course greater grip. My question is does adding 20mm or so to our cars change any type of "feel" in any of these areas?
  5. 2017 Civic Si Ktuner Starter Maps (Only hp and torque available thr 23 psi map)

    Lots of good advice, but the original question hasn't been answered. Does anybody have a dyno of the 19.5 and 21.5 maps?
  6. I Don’t Like My 2020 Civic Si Coupe

    One more vote for cut your losses. I like driving my Si once it gets moving, but at every stop light and stop sign I hate myself. You'll never get an acceptable launch out of 92 cu. in.. Interestingly my parents have a 2012 Camry Hybrid and I love the way it launches. 2.5 liters and a 100 hp...
  7. Still here after 2 years of Si ownership

    As far as gear ratios go, I wish that my '17 was slightly taller. First and second gear are already low enough that raising it would hardly be noticed. Being able to reach 60 mph in second gear would really help the 0-60 time. It also wouldn't hurt the highway mileage either.
  8. Flex fuel

    Our cars are rated for E15 from the factory. A greater concentration than that and your Engine Control Computer is trying to play catch up. You can buy tunes for up to E85, but like turbociv19 said, 40% seems to be the sweet spot for our engines when they are tuned for it.
  9. ACT Clutch + Flywheel Review

    Thanks for this report. This is just the information that I've been waiting to hear for months. 1) Clutch feel only slightly "heavier" than stock. 2) The eradication of "Rev Hang". 3) No trouble with the flywheel being too light for the weight of the car. 4) The grab is manageable and...
  10. Lacking Character - My (long) Si Review

    @zroger73, The Mazda 6 I owned before my Si was utterly dependable. Slow and boring, but it required no repairs for the 212,000 miles that I owned it. It did have a nice solid and comfortable feel to it though. I'm afraid the the blending of Emissions Requirements with computer control has...
  11. Lacking Character - My (long) Si Review

    I bought my Si about the same time as the OP, and have over 83,000 miles on it now. This is my second "Si". My first was a '95 Prelude. The Prelude was more fun to drive. Don't get me wrong, I like my Si and try to find excuses to drive it. But every time I do, I find myself pushing on the car...
  12. Car keeps going to accessory mode when trying to start

    Sounds the clutch pedal position switch may be intermittent.
  13. Does Modding your car raise or lower the value?

    Modding a car always lowers the trade in/resale value. Unless you drop in a V8 or something
  14. Unlocking Ktuner v1.2

    The title of this thread is correct so I'll use it. I need to take my Si into the dealer for an oil change for the first time since I flashed the car. So I "Returned the Car to Factory Tune" successfully. I noticed that if I take my car in for service that I should also "unlock' my ECU from...
  15. flashed TSP stage 1, instant issues (operator error?)

    Based on the anecdotal stories here on the forum, 26 lbs. seems to be the edge of where head gaskets start leaking. Each car being different. A compression check would reveal if you created a problem.
  16. Planning to Buy a Civic SI

    I went from a 2009 Mazda 6 to a 2017 Si sedan. The biggest difference I immediately noticed was the increase in road noise. I think that it is the 40 series tires combined with less insulation. The Si doesn't launch as nice as the Mazda, but once the turbo kicks in, the Si is much quicker. It...
  17. Money Shifted my new Si today :(

    It's important for the unpracticed to remember to "vector" your shifter throws. A 6 speed is a double "H" pattern. With the center gears centered in the spring enforced position. When shifting into 1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th you must remember to always use a "vectored" force. When shifting in 5th...
  18. Single Map has three Maps

    So I opened a single map file, and it still had choices for three maps. Will it always show choices for switching to three maps even if the file is a "single map"?