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  1. Mazda3 GT Turbo

    You can definitely compare them if you put an NFL offensive lineman in the passenger seat of the Type R. Mazda 3 GT turbo is really nice but if going that route I'd rather have the Mazda 3 2.5 6mT. It's easy to find 300 hp automatic sporty cars.
  2. Used Car market going up means my 2018 Civic is worth more than I bought it for

    Give it a shot, some dealers don't sell over MSRP on principle, so you might find one. A 2020 Si is much harder to find than a Type R.
  3. Used Car market going up means my 2018 Civic is worth more than I bought it for

    Carmax says my 2020 Si with 14k miles is worth $27,200. Dang.
  4. Options for cars in Taiwan?

    Thanks, that’s a big help. My wife doesn’t want to ride a scooter and we need a car to take the kids around so we’re definitely getting one. We do have a local friend who can help us shop. I wanted to get a 1 series hatch cause we can’t get that here, but it is too expensive. Some interesting...
  5. Options for cars in Taiwan?

    Thanks, someone finally responded to my thread! :) We're going to Hshinchu for 2-3 years. Will need something to fit our two kids, so 5 door hatch makes the most sense. I'm told you can rent a car, but not sure you have much choice. We found the SUM website that has used cars - damn they're...
  6. Trading my 2020 Si for Mazda 3 (or Suzuki Swift Sport)

    We have to move to Taiwan, so my beloved 2020 Si is gonna get sold this year. :( We'll need a car in Taiwan, damn cars are expensive. Anything European is super expensive, an A3 or 1 series BMW is $50k US, VW Golfs are like crazy expensive, even used. 2018 116i is like $35k. Get outta here...
  7. 275hp/260tq Elantra N confirmed for US

    Kona N announced, FWD and DTC only. My wife would probably like it cause it's not so low to the ground like my Civic. She hates riding in the Civic. I'd be very interested if it had a manual. A manual spices up the boring commutes where a fast DTC and 280 hp are wasted...
  8. Saw a minivan on top of a Civic sedan today

    I know, I wanted to take a picture but that would have been pretty disrespectful, and I also didn’t want to get stuck there - cops were showing up.
  9. Saw a minivan on top of a Civic sedan today

    Crazy, today we drove by an accident that happened a couple minutes before we got there, on a 35 mph two way road. A minivan full of people was sitting on top of a 10th gen Civic sedan at a 30 degree angle. Looked like the Civic rear ended the minivan probably full speed and submarined it. I...
  10. Corolla Sport GRMN Anyone?

    Assuming this (more hardcore) rumor is even true, the Corolla hatch is 3060 lbs, so add awd and stuff it's probably 3300 lbs. I'll consider it even though the sloping roof makes the trunk very small - if it's a blast to drive like the GR4 it'll be on my short list. If it's just a fast Corolla, meh.
  11. Should I trade my 2020 Civic si ?

    2020 Si's are very hard to find, I think a dealer could sell your car for the price of a new one, so trade in might be really good. See if you can find a dealer with a Type R and say you want MSRP on the Type R and you want $23k for your Si. Take it or leave it. If your state rolls over the tax...
  12. Type R vs A45 AMG vs M3 competition

    I wonder what EVs will do to these high HP low involvement vehicles that are sold on fast acceleration? Not that you’d buy the EV instead but what’s the appeal of a 500 hp SUV or fat sedan that gets smoked by ordinary EVs at the stoplight?
  13. Type R vs A45 AMG vs M3 competition

    That’s more like waking up, lol.
  14. What did you drive before your 10th Gen Civic?

    2004 330i ZHP 6mT. Drove it for 12 years, it was the perfect car except no LSD. Got the 2017 sport hatch cause I got a new field service job, so needed something new and dependable.
  15. Type R vs A45 AMG vs M3 competition

    do you not see recent M cars at track days? I haven’t been to one in 15 years.
  16. SI vs NON-SI

    Last winter I had to drive over the NH mountains in the snow every day for weeks, which was a little sketchy even with snow tires. So after that I wanted the LSD, also the hatch had 89k miles so wanted to replace it. Love the Si, the headroom is ok if I lower the seat pretty much all the way...
  17. gtman decides to sell his Civic X

    Would have been more believable if you said you were buying an i30N Fastback.
  18. Type R vs A45 AMG vs M3 competition

    Anyone cross shopping a $37k Type R and $80k M3? Didn't think so. Stupid comparison.
  19. Traded in the Si for a new GTI

    That's what I mean, I'd rather they bump the price and put the budget into beefing up the performance - there's a huge gap between a $26k Si and $37k Type R. Maybe they can do a little of that and keep it at like $27-28k, it'll still be a performance bargain.
  20. Traded in the Si for a new GTI

    Holding out hope for an AWD GR car of some kind announced April 4. But we’ll probably just get a warmed over Corolla.