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  1. Front License Plate Mounted Cricked

    when i bought it i had mine shipped in so i told them not to drill the front.
  2. Need help fast. Picking up 2016 civic4dr tomo but ...

    yeah, idk where and who told you that you have 30 days but from my cars buying experience you will never get a 30 days return even it its a used.
  3. Need guidance

    anyhow congrats man. its your car and as long as you're happy with what you're paying then a drink for you.
  4. My buying experience!

    48 months
  5. Gamers?

    ps4 batality mainly bo3 will be online after july
  6. whose buying a honda this month or next?

    i got used to the wheel vol control, one quick swipe i can mute or just control the vol. do not miss the knob at all.
  7. What little tips and tricks do you know?

    omg this totally saved me i've been doing it manually from the touch screen menu
  8. My buying experience!

    Sorry in cali, but for Lx I didn't look into that because for me it was between the ext w/sensing or touring
  9. My buying experience!

    Yup So now if anyone willing to travel as I did I do not mind calling him up to get you a great price just pm me your name and email
  10. My buying experience!

    I believe I did for the defer payment also
  11. My buying experience!

    I paid more than 5 percent of down payment. its the next to line below i didn't share that because i felt its irrelevant to to final price of the car.
  12. What did you drive before your Civic?

    27 years old 0. N64 Mario kart (yoshi) 1. 1999 integra LS 2. 2010 Ninja Kawasaki 3. 2012 Mercedes Benz c300 4. 2016 Honda Civic WoP Touring 5. Unknown ~~~~
  13. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    Just put in this new back ground resized it to 800x400
  14. What did you pay?

    ext is very possible to get it at around 21.5k OTD if you invest the time to work the dealers. i have gotten the ext w/sensing for between 22.5-23k OTD before. but I went ahead and grab the touring.
  15. Good price for EX-L w/ Honda Sensing?

    That's close to my quote price for a touring at Stockton Honda. Message me for info, that's why o skipped the exl to touring
  16. What did you pay?

    I own a touring sedan and I love the sensing feature because I usually drive 2 to 4 hours when I get my days off from work to go out. Basically the car drive it self when I turn on the sensing and mitigation etc.. I too originally was going to get an ext w/sensing for 23k OTd until I got a great...
  17. My buying experience!

    i got the 500 off for my graduation this year. and since i finance with them its embarrassed to say im at 2.14 percent is the lowest i got with my credit score of 830
  18. Video of my aegean blue car + car issues

    thats true there are some fixes out there, i'll try that out
  19. whose buying a honda this month or next?

    4/25/16 thats the date mine delivered
  20. whose buying a honda this month or next?

    yeah, me and my co worker, and DX2000 lol.