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  1. I understand mark-up but WOW

    At least they throw in unlimited powertrain warranty, so you can drive like you steal it and put 1 millions miles on it and go back for warranty claims :p
  2. full review, writeup, and installation steps: ctr subs, amp, center channel, and door speakers

    Thanks. So do you know how they secure the crossover? drill it to the door panel? double side tape it? It is kind of heavy
  3. full review, writeup, and installation steps: ctr subs, amp, center channel, and door speakers

    Do you mind share how to wire the JL Audio crossover? I also have the C2 650 in the front and didn't use the crossover that come in the box because no idea how to wire it.
  4. (Fun & unusual?) Intro, just added a 2021 Type R

    One of my biggest complaint for the FK8 is the small fuel tank, the other one is stock sound system is really sucks
  5. (Fun & unusual?) Intro, just added a 2021 Type R

    That's true but now may push to the boundary that I have to pay $10k extra for the new luxury tax in canada that announced last week
  6. (Fun & unusual?) Intro, just added a 2021 Type R

    Well, yes & no. My GT4 is not being build yet so for sure not being affect by the stop sale but it may cause delay of my build
  7. (Fun & unusual?) Intro, just added a 2021 Type R

    Congrats to the FK8. A few years back, I shopped around M2C, FK8 and 718 S too. Was biased toward on M2C since like its looks, the number and also am a long term BMW customer but then no BMW dealer willing to let me test drive the car and the attitude is like "If you request to test drive a M...
  8. Met a wonderful, atypical CTR owner today...

    Now I feel young as a 51 owning the typeR now! Actually I don't surprise to see mid age driving the typeR since typeR being a legend when we were in our 20's and was our dream car but can't get it because need a more practical car or scare the car gone in 60 sec. So now when we now have a...
  9. TypeR factory stereo tech specs

    4 front doors + 4 rear doors + center are all just drop off replacement. I replaced the 4 front doors + center + sub + sub amp, the sound quality is already way better but still have room for improvement. So will replace the rear door speakers + LCi later to see how much I can squeeze it from...
  10. White or boost blue type r

    I got 3 stone chip on the first day after driving up & down on DVP:banghead::banghead:
  11. White or boost blue type r

    I have full front PPF and ceramic coat my FK8. I have 2 regret now! 1, should flat bed the car to the installer from delivery instead of went for a drive with the salesman during the delivery. I got 3 stone chips on bumper during that half hour drive! Honda paint strength is still in the...
  12. White or boost blue type r

    Congrat on BB too. This color is stunning! Just draw too much attention that not I want. Here is the pic when I picked up mine last year and went to get photo shot with my salesman who having a CW. For me even I don't like the extra attention for the BB, if I pick again, I still go for BB...
  13. White or boost blue type r

    I love my BB for sure! I love the color when seeing it first showing up on press. But it really drawing unnecessary attention! Got pull over by 5km/hr over speed limit by a cop and warn me my car draw too much attention. Got egged by random teen Got tailgate by Sti
  14. You've got $50,000. Would you still have purchased a Type R??

    Then hell no! unless you can buy a brand new GT4 for 50k. I owned a 6MT 718 GTS (F4 turbo one) and a 6MT S5 (3.0 V6 Supercharged) and both can't beat FK8. The Porsche feel is good because you can feel the engine behind you and drive like a gokart. The Audi engine is super smooth and...
  15. 2018 vs 2021 Type R Impressions

    Nice combo! Is your Spyder grind from 1st to 2nd? My old 718 GTS did that every once a while. And BTW, my GT4 allocation is confirmed so we both have a similar taste on car.
  16. You've got $50,000. Would you still have purchased a Type R??

    Buy "another" FK8? one to drive and one to store? to flip? I love my FK8 but I won't buy 2.
  17. When was the last time you saw another Civic Type R on the road...?

    I was surprise too because over here kids mostly driving M3 or AMG
  18. Curious after owning the Type R what is next?

    My first new car is a 93 Civic Si coupe and I like to keep my cars for long terms too. So I still have my 04 TSX 6MT(bought it brand new) alive and drive it every once a while (mainly hang out with friends when they decide to drive DC2R out)