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  1. IAT vs IAT2

    You can also observe by comparing temperature trend versus similar platform if you owned one. I used Hondata Flashpro until I upgraded my turbo with TD03 hybrid. From datalog observation, KTuner IAT2 shows similar trend with IAT in Hondata Flashpro datalog. IAT in Flashpro is the temperature...
  2. Monstar Industries - Who we are & what we do

    Do you ship internationally? I tried to check out one of item that I'm interested with but the shipping cost seems very low for DHL.
  3. PRL Motorsports 1.5T Civic Billet Intercooler Upgrade

    Just wanna share that I send an email to PRL team. PRL customer service team response promptly and provide information and suggestion. In summary, IC width plays important role in pressure drop & radiator access to air. Consumers who live in hot climate would benefit from upgraded charge pipe...
  4. PRL Motorsports 1.5T Civic Billet Intercooler Upgrade

    I plan to purchase PRL IC upgrade without the charge pipe to replace the crappy HKS R-TYpe Intercooler. I select the IC upgrade without piping combo because I have no plan to upgrade to bigger turbo than hybrid TD03 I currently have & pressure drop is less than 1 PSI with current setup. I...
  5. Aftermarket Intercooler Survey

    I changed my intercooler after I upgrade my turbocharger to CAPTS Stage-2 turbocharger, which was TD03 hybrid. The Rev9 did pretty well with turbo upgrade & able to tame the heat coming from upgraded turbo. It got heatsoak after 4 pull pretty badly. A mechanic offered HKS R-Type intercooler...
  6. Intercooler Pipping

    Agree. If you focus on making the car to breath better, go for DP/FP combo. Stock intake on the 10th gen. is sufficient for the stock turbo to breath. Replacement filter should be good for daily driving.
  7. Rev9 Intercooler Civic SI Install Review

    Interesting... we could have different variations of "Rev9" intercooler design in the market. My friend bought the my "Rev9" intercooler & we had similar fitment issue because the top part of the IC hit bumper bullhead. It happened to my car also. We had to make a slight cut on the bullhead in...
  8. Myxal SRI-CAI -Short Ram-Cold Air Intake

    I'll give it a shot when I have the time. Thanks @Myx !
  9. 3 inch Injen Catback Exhaust - Weight Diameter

    That is nice! Importing from the US will be very expensive for me so the only feasible option for me is to go to exhaust shop & build a custom system. Designing proper muffler is the challenging part when it comes to custom work.
  10. A Feedback for KTuner

    @KTuner : Thank you for adding OBDII Misfire Monitor disable/enable for 5AG-P83 ECU in the update. Hopefully important tuning features like this continuously be added for 5AG-P83 ECU. I'll observe and provide feedback.
  11. 1.5T Presenting to you CAPTS Stage 2.1 Turbo

    Aye sir! Will text you if I still can't find the info. :D
  12. 1.5T Presenting to you CAPTS Stage 2.1 Turbo

    Finally! So what is the difference between Stage-2 and Stage 2.1? Sorry, if I missed the information in your Facebook page. Lack of sleep lately.
  13. New KTuner Software Version Released

    Don't mean to hijack CAPTS thread. Just want to share a new version is up. This is list of update from version history: Version Global Icons For Parameter List Additional Messaging For Locking/Unlocking V1.2 Civic 1.5T Initial Support Added For 5AF-C4x Initial Support Added For...
  14. Myxal SRI-CAI -Short Ram-Cold Air Intake

    Sorry if this is out of topic. I'm still using the stock plastic charge pipe and obviously stock plastic turbo inlet. Would it make a significant difference if I wrap the charge pipes and the turbo inlet with heat reflective tape? I just want to make sure because doing the wrap will be time...
  15. 3 inch Injen Catback Exhaust - Weight Diameter

    @Myx I have PRL catless downpipe, local brand frontpipe with 2.5 inch outer diameter. and stock frontpipe back. I'm thinking to custom an exhaust system with 3 inch frontpipe at inlet taper down to 2.5 inch after flexible, and use 2.5 inch piping for the piping after frontpipe. I will...
  16. 1.5T It's that thread again - KTuner vs. Hondata for "no tune"

    Stock tunes that come from both platforms are tunes taking from stock ECU so it's not a guesstimated tunes like Kefi mentioned. Both platforms provide Factory calibration, which is a stock tune comes from ECU, just like the title says. You can select disable rev hang and play around with any...
  17. Rev9 Intercooler Civic SI Install Review

    Why don’t you buy BMS & measure it yourself then? I know for sure it has the same measurement as Rev9. I can make the IC look as big as the image at the same camera angle.
  18. Rev9 Intercooler Civic SI Install Review

    There is no information mention compatibility with after market charge pipe. I checked Rev9 website and the IC cost USD 450. I'd suggest BMS Intercooler if you are in the US. They are currently do promotion and the IC only cost USD 299.
  19. A Feedback for KTuner

    There are some users trying to make adjustments on MAF scaling to get ideal fuel trim without changing anything else from the off the shelf map. Fuel trim in Asia ECU, at least in my case, is scaled at rich side by Honda. @KTuner: @kadireren brings out a good point. What is the relation...
  20. 1.5T CAPTS Stage-2 Turbocharger (TD03 Hybrid) Result & Review

    Sorry, forgot that you have converted your transmission to MT. I've sent my ECU code through other channel. Let's discuss there. Thanks bro and looking forward to hearing more info on V2.1!