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  1. LED headlights and fog lights

    Thank you for that picture. Was that hard?
  2. OEM LED Foglight kit (non Type-R)

    Bringing this from way back. I have an 18 civic hatchback sport. Need a fog light replacement because of a shatter. Do you know if they would fit or if not what type of adjustments to be made?
  3. LED headlights and fog lights

    Hey there, Have a 18 hatchback sport. Do you happen to know where to snip this if I buy the Morimoto Fogs?
  4. Latest Hikari LEDs are very good

    Have a 2018 civic hatch sport is this the right one to buy:
  5. 2016-2018 Software Update, Warranty Extension & Climate Control Replacement

    Anyone after the climate update try their a/c? My a/c on passenger side is giving out hot air but drivers side okay.
  6. Red H Emblems, who has them?

    I am looking forward to it, but now it seems their is no eta on the rear ones. Just want to get it done, so I can get it out of my head.
  7. Red H Emblems, who has them?

    Hit the nail with that! Wondering how it would look with plastidip in back and JDM on the front
  8. Auto Vent Shade Aero Skin Hood Deflector

    Does anyone have one of these: Looks better than the oem one
  9. Red H Emblems, who has them?

    What is everyone’s opinion on the badge on a ralleye red civic? Red on red
  10. DIY: Smoked side marker

    Okay I got them in. Bought them at Unique Style Racing here: My thoughts...the quality is not as good as the clear JDM ones I bought. Seems to be some gaps between the backing and the cover. Hopefully no...
  11. Rear seat cover

    Thanks for the details. Just got the Civic Sports Hatch and using a sedan second row seat cover I had from 2017 civic. How did you get the seatbelt out on to the seat cover?
  12. Civic Hatchback Sport OEM rims for winter?

    I found some 205/60-16 but do not know how to match the steel wheel size to it. Would these fit a 205/60-16:
  13. DIY: Smoked side marker

    Can I get these anywhere for a reasonable price anymore?
  14. WTT/WTS JDM Clear Side Markers for Depo Smoked Side Markers

    Never used before oem 16-18 JDM clear sidemarkers Looking for Depo 16-18 Smoked Side Markers
  15. DIY: Smoked side marker

    Yah...I think the shipping charges were for $56
  16. DIY: Smoked side marker

    I bought the clear JDM ones for A 2017 sedan that was crashed and never put on :(. Too bad Depo Smoked is so expensive. If anyone wants to trade that would be easier.
  17. DIY: Smoked side marker

    Is there any smoked out side markers that don't leak or OEM JDM?
  18. Free emblem (no joke)

    also the bottom part looks kind of in bad shape now that i look at it.
  19. Free emblem (no joke)

    Yeah...been doing research about it recently that's how i know. The bubble wrap and 3m lettering in back is couple of the ways to tell.