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  1. Decided on a 2021 Civic Hatchback as my first new car. Unsure on Trim level.

    If you can live without heated seats and dual zone climate the sport is pretty damn good vs when I got my car in 2018. I wanted everything so I got a sport touring
  2. Mount Under spoiler to Civic Sport hatchback front lip..

    People with bottom mounting front lips/splitters. How did you secure it safely that the added downforce didn’t rip it off with the sport lip? I have a replica greddy lip, but it’s only held by 3m tape and self tappers. I’ve read many horror stories of simply mounting it this way and it ripping...
  3. Skunk2 Exhaust

    I Have a skunk 2 muffler on a 2.5" straight pipe and it sounds great!
  4. Rev9 Intercooler Civic SI Install Review

    Rev9 intercooler results With PRL Cobra IATs are 5-10 over ambient!
  5. FULL LED tailgate spoiler from China (alixpress)

    Red and black white is a dead wire... pretty easy, but I need to plug the holes in the rear windshield and seal the led light with silicone....the pains of being the first to install it.
  6. New 2021 Sport Hatchback - Modding Advice

    I came from an EX hatchback. Ktuner yes, I've been tuned since 25 miles lol - drive it like a turbo car (i.e. don't get lug the engine and watch your boost and torque down low) I had my EX hatch tuned for 3 years and it had zero issues. Just keep up with oil changes if you get on it often. I'm...
  7. Florida Si wheels found

  8. EX Hatch Exhaust options...

    How much was this?
  9. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Thread (for all models)

    Got rid of my EX hatchback and got a Sport Touring Hatch. Ktuner V2 PRL CAI Race TSP Stage 1 (Rev9 Intercooler core, not installed YET) lol so i full sent and tuned it day 1 from the dealership (had to wait for TSP since my ECU# changed along with Race MAF upgrade) I'm at 1600 miles now on...
  10. VLAND style touring headlights vs 2021 touring headlights

    Hey all! I have a 2021 sport touring but I’m deeply disappointed they did not come with sequential turn question is do the sequential style vland headlights have the same light output as the oem? I’d probably flip my OEMs and pick up a pair of the vland ones
  11. Bayson TR style front lip for sport and sport touring

    I ran the si one in my EX hatch, I’ll probably pick this one up too!
  12. Sport Touring Factory Sub Upgrade DIY

    is there an ability to splice in at the headunit?
  13. FULL LED tailgate spoiler from China (alixpress)

    US $320.00 20% Off | 2PCS For Honda Civic Type R 2021 Multi-function LED Rear Bumper Fog Lamp Brake Light Dynamic Turn Signal Reflector
  14. FULL LED tailgate spoiler from China (alixpress)

    Nah, they’re becoming standard if I remember correctly on new California code
  15. FULL LED tailgate spoiler from China (alixpress)

    I think I can say I’m the first American owner running this was a Bitch and a half to figure out the wiring. The green and yellow wires are supposedly for the turn signals but there were no instructions in the box. There was a red and black plug that went into the brake light and a...
  16. Sport Touring Factory Sub Upgrade DIY

    LAMEEEEEEEEE lol, I’ll try it with factory wiring and see what it does
  17. Sport Touring Factory Sub Upgrade DIY

    Is it possible to wire up an additional subwoofer or a better one directly to these sub wires? I have an opportunity to get a Rockford powered one and it would fit right in my trunk