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  1. Varis/JDM Build Thread

    Few pics + 2020 rear vents added
  2. Varis/JDM Build Thread

    New Instagram for my car -
  3. Varis/JDM Build Thread

    I need a gimbal.
  4. Varis/JDM Build Thread

    Here's some more quick pics.
  5. Varis/JDM Build Thread

    Side skirts going on in the morning.
  6. My Apex'i N1-X Extreme Evolution Sound Clip Video

    Never buy off of a website.. You want to DM the vendor here or on their Instagram/fb for best pricing. Don't think I've ever ordered any car part straight off of someone's website.
  7. Mitsubishi drop in turbo upgrade for CTR

    I think that's the one that caught on fire
  8. Steering Wheel slightly off - I'm stumped

    Mine took a lot of effort to get the nut off holding the steering wheel. It kept turning the steering wheel and locking it off center. So what I did was disconnect the battery, remove airbag, loosen nut, plug battery back in and start the car. The steering wheel went back perfectly centered and...
  9. Warranty Void

    People say the the dealership has to prove it caused the issue.. But do you really want to lawyer up or sit there and argue all day with a dealership that doesn't want to do your repairs under warranty? Dealerships are independently owned. If you blow your motor or trans and they refuse to...
  10. Varis/JDM Build Thread

    LOL I ordered Project Mu Type PS front and rear pads + SCR PRO Rotors 3-4 months ago. They sent me the wrong pads back in Sept so I returned them. They said they'd get me the Type PS. Fast forward to December and only my rotors come. I ask about the pads and they're not available or were never...
  11. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Instagram - christopheryi_