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  1. Civic Touring with Side Underbody Spoilers and Illuminated Interior Accessories

    The Touring is already beautiful, these little additions make it even better looking and premium feeling. I like how the sidekirts give the car a little tougher sportier look.
  2. Modified 2016 Civic sedan by Berlin City Honda

    We've seen a few vinyl wrapped cars now with some pretty wild modifications... anyone actually planning to do this to their car?
  3. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    Looks really good! If I got a black Civic this is one of the first mods I would do. I forgot who on the forum but someone has a black on black with dark tint. This would be perfect for that.
  4. Modified 2016 Civic sedan by Berlin City Honda

    I like the body colored grille bar. I'd like to see this done on some of the standard colors offered.
  5. Si Pricing thought

    I don't think that's a crazy suggestion at all. Plenty of hipo versions strip out all the added fluff to keep costs down, the car lighter, and remove tech that a lot of enthusiasts view as nanny systems they don't need. The Si is really not hardcore enough for that but I think given how much...
  6. Our 2016 Honda Civic Si Coupe preview render images

    Was admiring these again. But the Si will likely have split dual exhaust tips (one on each side) showing since the CivicX has split dual mufflers. That's gonna look even more aggressive than the outgoing one with just one single tip.
  7. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    Tandem garages are no fun. I'd rather have a one car garage that's got enough room to open drivers door than a narrow tandem garage. Pearl effect of the WOP is stunning btw
  8. Came home with this last night...

    Can't ask for a better Black Friday gift to yourself! Once you get bored you can upgrade to the Si sedan. :thumbsup: Congrats on the car.
  9. First modified 2016 Civic Sedan - by Galpin Auto Sports

    I'm liking what they did with the lower intakes. Replacing the fog light housing is a plus
  10. 2016 Civic PROS & CONS: Sedan Vs. Coupe

    Yep and as far as we know all the weight savings of the coupe compared to the sedan will all come from the 5.5" shaved from the rear end, so the front weight will stay the same as the sedan.
  11. Serious Dillemma: Is '16 worth $3500-4000 more than '15

    I agree with all your points but one disadvantage is no Apple Carplay? I'd say many of the new features, new powertrain and redesign are all disadvantages. It's class leading in so many ways now and only a few hundred (base) more expensive. Yes you will get better deals for the 15 but it is...
  12. Video: What's faster - Fast Car (M4) or Fast Driver (Civic Si)

    This test would have actually been a closer race if it was on an AutoX where the M4 couldn't use its major power advantage as much and where its weight would be more of a disadvantage.
  13. Is it too late? help [SOLVED]

    Of course you can. Since they do it at the dealer and your car hasn't been prepped yet, they can just remove it from your order. And if they tell you you can't I'd talk my business elsewhere because that's BS. Let us know how it turns out.
  14. Official BURGUNDY NIGHT PEARL Civic Thread

    The more I see of the color the more I like it. Just enough color to be more interesting than black.
  15. What to expect from 2016 Civic Coupe? Any surprises possible?

    Now that we know basically everything possible about the sedan and they're starting to arrive at dealers, I'm thinkin the coupe reveal can't be far behind. So what can we expect to be different if anything from the sedan? We already know from the design drawings how it'll look different...
  16. aricle saying 2016 Civic Coupe to be revealed at LA car show

    I hope no one is expecting the coupe to look like that image in the article. The fact they don't even reference the image in the article is suspicious. If it was a leak or anything significant I'm sure the whole article would have been about it.
  17. Live Periscope from SEMA

    Yea also I would think if they were going to reveal anything big at LA they would've just done it at SEMA since it is actually a bigger stage in some ways and in keeping with their history of breaking Si or coupe news there. Looks like we have another few months of waiting at least before...
  18. Accessorized 2016 Honda Civic Sedan with body kit at SEMA 2015 - first look

    I actually think these wheels would look better in all gloss black. The way they have it bi-color now it makes the spokes look like the tips of a sword or weapon. Not a fan.
  19. 2016 Civic Si turbo - welcome or not?

    Reliability of turbos in the really long term is a concern. I like to keep my car for a long time. Scary reading about some of the fuel pump issues that 's affected modern turbo engines from BMW and VW.
  20. 2016 Civic Si rumored to have around 200HP

    You bring up a good point about the acceleration limitations of FWD. I don't ever remember a FWD car in the 4.x range so looked it up. Fastest one so far is a Taurus SHO at 5.2s. The current CTR is already at 5.5 so it'll be hard for it to gain much in the 0-60 department for the 10th gen...