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  1. What's your MPG?

    After retuning and getting on E30-E40 I was getting 18mpg After a refill and some behaving, I still get 28-32mpg on E30-E40
  2. DIY: PRL Motorsports Downpipe + Front Pipe Install

    If that is the same size as the driver footwell ground bolt, I used the freebie open-end wrench that came with power equipment or a bicycle. Otherwise, I probably used a mix between 90-degree ratcheting socket driver, my own tears, and a tiny adjustable wrench.
  3. Wash Routine?

    My car is garaged at home. In the summer I'll do weekly or bi-weekly light cleans with a foam cannon. Monthly deeper with two-bucket. My goal is to have very few involved cleanings where I'm polishing so long my hands are pruney or claying such that it looks I choked out a smurf. Do it right...
  4. Convert non paddle version to paddle shift?

    Did anyone complete this project. Is Kyle still staring at the firewall, holding a pair of scissors?
  5. How many miles did you get out of your OEM Contis?

    Baby em for the first 350-500mi, and those r fanfuggintastic tires.
  6. CVT in snow driving

    +1 on noise and wear. The tread on snow tires is a different compound and at mild to warm temps they wear quickly. Handling also drops off. I got lower-diameter wheels for my snow tires, two weeks after I received my car (2016). When I later got dedicated summer tires on new wheels, I was...
  7. CVT in snow driving

    My coupe with cvt handles well in the snow. S helps with passing and acceleration without slipping as much. I shift down from D to S or L for engine braking, and the smooth transition in ratios doesn't break traction like an auto can. That said, having winter tires is an other-worldly...
  8. 0-60 time?

    Enough data on to get a range. TBH I always go to this site to get a ballpark. So, I'm not bias in pointing out the site... Just super pleased to see _my_ car faster than everything but the CTR :rofl: Kidding... I omitted the valid Si times, which seem to be 6.3-6.4...
  9. If only Honda CVT had a Launch Gear Like Toyota

    I'm talking about the delay to engage when shifting from N to D.
  10. If only Honda CVT had a Launch Gear Like Toyota

    I'd like TCU modes to have the CVT sit on the power curve either for max power or max efficiency. Or targeting torque beyond what S or L do for better acceleration from a stop in snow... For that snowfall or two in PA. Lol I'm guessing a power bump in non-MT Civics down the line is more likely...
  11. CVT with Full Bolt Ons and Turbo Upgrade

    Lame. Guess we still only have "okay" and "too much" indicators 😂
  12. CVT with Full Bolt Ons and Turbo Upgrade

    Is there a way to dyno a CVT that doesn't have paddles? If it's reasonable, I want to do it. At the least, I'd know what I can contribute to these conversations. I've had exotic codes thrown, got through a funky period where any spirited throttle caused limp mode, and (after going E30ish) have...
  13. Bent connecting rods on 1.5t Hatchback

    If you were stock on factory tune it sounds like hydrolock. Fluids don't compress, so if the chamber gets flooded, there is too much oil blown by, or the pcv is malfunctioning, rods will bend during compression. I would get in advance writing, by dealer or shop, what an agreed upon cylinder...
  14. Anyone else getting poo tread life on their tuned CVT L15B7?

    245/45ZR17 on 17x8 wheels during summer. No suspension mods.
  15. Anyone else getting poo tread life on their tuned CVT L15B7?

    I hear ya. I don't know how many miles the PS4S had, but I'd guess 8-12k. I have A/S on the factory wheels for the transition months in and out of winter. Last year there wasn't winter so they stated on until April/May. I won't pay more than I did for the PS4S unless the tread lasts longer for...
  16. Anyone else getting poo tread life on their tuned CVT L15B7?

    I'm only looking for summer tires.
  17. Anyone else getting poo tread life on their tuned CVT L15B7?

    I just packed the tires away for winter and had an up-close look at them. I think my last tire choice and driving habits weren't aligned. I should also note that the factory conti pros were worn down, despite having winter tires on, in about a year and a half. I'll throw in blame on local gov't...
  18. Anyone else getting poo tread life on their tuned CVT L15B7?

    I took my summer tires off last weekend. Been COVIDling for close to 9 months now, so it's not like I got a legit season of use out of my summer tires. I forget the exact counts, but I have like 2-4 32nds left across all four of my PS4S. I didn't even go to the drag strip this year, so it's...
  19. MHI-TD03 Turbo

    Thanks- been an on-again/off-again reader of this thread since someone's blew. I know a sample size of one is poo, but the blowing of one turbo is a tragedy.