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  1. Ranking most “mature” exhaust set up

    I would say Fujitsubo, Sequence, or Apexi exhaust for as mature sounding as possible. With aftermarket dp, nothing is mature hahaha. My personal opinion is our engines just sound like dogshit no matter the brand exhaust. I’ve made my own exhaust with a variety of different bullet resonators and...
  2. Rays locking nut key in North Texas

    Texas Trackworks in Fort Worth is a rays dealer... they may have one or could source you one quickly
  3. Let’s Talk Brake Upgrades for Track Use

    Did you reach out to Godfrey at Paragon with that information on your pads? That’s a little unsettling seeing the material fractured and cracked like that...
  4. C&R/PWR Radiator Feedback and Testing

    I can let you know soon! Hopefully someone already has that data. If you are seeing 220F+ in 83 degree heat, I would bet you are gonna run in to problems with higher ambient temps pretty quick.
  5. C&R/PWR Radiator Feedback and Testing

    General rule of thumb I’ve stuck to with ect’s during track days is 220F and below for any platform.
  6. 2017 Civic Type R Rebuild ***Project EvilR***

    Canadian jack point bro 😎
  7. MAPerformance FK8 Type R Intake PRE-RELEASE Information Post!

    Pretty badass y’all went back to the drawing board that quick. Liking the new design 👍🏻
  8. Any 350z to FK8 owners?

    20+ cooling mods are negligible for track cooling improvement. Take a look at @Lust threads on track cooling mods. Great information. Regarding rear facing seats, if you are over 5’10, maybe shorter, good luck getting a rear facing seat behind the driver. FK8 is a great car, but definitely has...
  9. How to get grease out of front seat?!!

    Apparently it is “David.” If I were the Papa John’s GM and some jabronie came in crying because they got grease on their seat from a pizza said customer put on his own seat, I’d slap a fool. Hey OP, put food on ya damn floor or in the trunk secured. Fat guy 101 right there 🤦🏼‍♂️
  10. Rear motor mounts, mount differences wth

    @WhiskeyTango, I appreciate your responses on this forum. You sir, have the energy I no longer have to combat stupidity. 😂 I kindly thank you for your participation as well as your patience with this new crowd of car forum dopes. If you ever are down in Texas I will gladly buy you a case of beer.
  11. Anyone have crippling allergies? Remedies?

    Hell yeah, another allergy doctor advocate :headbang:
  12. Anyone have crippling allergies? Remedies?

    They do have shots or sublingual immunotherapy (drops under your tongue) for literally ANY environmental and MOST food allergies. Not trying to be an ass because I was trying anything and everything otc out there like y’all are... but this thread literally has one solution. Go. To. A...
  13. Head Gasket Blown - Head Studs and Gasket Recommendations

    I’ve run cometic on previous builds with no issues. What is your reasoning for wanting to go for an aftermarket gasket? Regarding ARP, I always suggest putting these in over oem on any platform.
  14. Anyone have crippling allergies? Remedies?

    It was mostly covered for me. Every insurance is different, so you can have the office run an estimate for you before treatment and testing. If the treatment cost $4,000, I would gladly have paid that knowing I am symptom free. Plus, my treatment will continue to get “stronger,” so my allergies...
  15. Anyone have crippling allergies? Remedies?

    @suhhh I’m telling you, don’t waste time or money on any more otc or holistic supplements, just go to a specialist. I had the full testing done on my back, I was allergic to everything except donkeys and one kind of oak tree 😂. The tests cover allergies for all seasons and in every North...
  16. Anyone have crippling allergies? Remedies?

    Go to an Allergy Specialist. I finally did after suffering with terrible allergies for 20+years. I went this past February, had the full testing done, and decided to get a sublingual immunotherapy drop taken 3 times a day. The other option was a weekly allergy shot but I travel a lot for work...
  17. Anyone used the factory towing-points to recover/pull a CTR?
  18. New Exhaust from Skunk2

    Appreciate the info and the quick review.

    Perfect, thank you! I’m showing no physical rubber/neoprene gasket on any parts diagram. Looks like some gasket maker and a torque wrench is all that is needed.

    Mitch said it shouldn’t be more than a couple weeks. He had 6 orders ahead of mine, with 3 of those ready to ship this week.