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  1. Civic Type R Transmission Problems?

    There have been many reports of transmissions in the Civic Type R. This is a first hand look at mine.
  2. This is the #1 Civic Type R Mod...IMO!!

    Finally got this done this weekend. This mod is a must have for me!!!
  3. Civic Type R vs Civic Sport Touring

    Not sure? I would guess it could be done though.
  4. Civic Type R vs Civic Sport Touring

    A side-by-side look at the Civic Type R vs the Civic Sport Touring! Both are awesome cars!!
  5. This is What I Paid For My Civic Type R

    The Type R is selling at a premium. This is what I paid for mine.....
  6. Torque

    This is true. Personally, I doubt they do!
  7. New Shoes Install For My Type R

    Thanks. I really like them with the red center caps!!
  8. Torque

    Thanks again to all!! I appreciate the help!!
  9. Torque

    Thanks. I'm curious...where did you get that number?
  10. Torque

    Anybody know the correct torque for the 2017 Type R wheels? Checked the manual, but I can't find it??
  11. New Shoes Install For My Type R

    Changed out the stock wheels for the winter on my Type R. What do you think?
  12. I Got A Civic Type R!!

    Hey Cypress! I try to be every where!! Thanks for watching!!!
  13. I Got A Civic Type R!!

    Nope...Traded the Sport in for the R.
  14. I Got A Civic Type R!!

    Thanks! This car is awesome. Now I'm torn on which one to drive!!!
  15. New Wheels and Center Caps for my R

    I got new wheels and tires for my Type R. This is a look at the wheels and replacement of the center caps with the R caps!!
  16. I Got A Civic Type R!!

    Picked this up a couple of weeks ago...and in my favorite color!!
  17. My New Civic Hatch

    I gt a new Civic Hatch a few weeks ago and I love this little car!! Thought I'd share.