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  1. List of CARB-certified CAI for Type R?

    I've searched, and have read on other threads that many other CAIs are becoming CARB certified - but can only see this for the Mishimoto CAI (which is hecka expensive). Can anyone recommend any others that are CARB certified?
  2. Hybrid Racing Short Shifter FK8 Installation Instructions

    Thanks for this! I wish I saw it sooner as I installed mine yesterday - but very helpful video, it looks like I did it right. I'm liking it so far. It is super short now - does NOT feel like a 25% reduction in throw - it feels like more. Definitely has "race car" feel to shifting now. My...
  3. The Great Shifter Debate

    I really like the stock FK8 shifter with an aftermarket weighted knob - but I do feel like the "throw" is way too long, and would love to lower the knob by about an inch. Been eyeing the Acuity one for a long time but $479 just seems too unreasonably expensive. $400 for the Hybrid Racing is a...
  4. Civic Type R After-market Wheel Guide

    Hi! I never saw anything about the red Acura Y-spoke wheels. Pics? Pricing?
  5. 255/35ZR20 on stock rims?

    Awesome! I'd be scared to lower, but I'm interested to hear how it works out. Please update us after you do the springs. Thanks!
  6. 255/35ZR20 on stock rims?

    Thanks! I'm really trying to get the max height without scraping my fenders, as I have a crappy driveway and keep scraping my front spoiler. Thanks though!
  7. 255/35ZR20 on stock rims?

    Thanks John!
  8. 255/35ZR20 on stock rims?

    I am VERY CLOSE to buying 4 - size 255/35ZR20 Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 for my stock 20" rims. I've read through the many threads here a few times now and I have only read one time where someone was backing out of a parking spot and turning sharply and heard a rub of the wheel well...
  9. Re: FasTrak and windshield mount location?

    Thanks to all who replied. Sounds like mounting the transponder is the safer choice and it works fine through the black part of the window. THANKS!
  10. Front License Plate Mount

    I'll say it again, that is one beautiful Integra! Thanks for sharing the pics and equipment list, helps my son and I plan out potential upgrades :) Good news about the plate mounting then. Thanks for following up. Much appreciated! -- Frank
  11. Re: FasTrak and windshield mount location?

    Anyone - especially in the SF East Bay - install their FasTrak transponder on the blacked out section of the windshield above the rearview mirror? I'd like to use that area to hide the transponder a bit - but am worried signal would be blocked. Anyone do this and can report whether it works or not?
  12. Front License Plate Mount

    Hi! You may want to check into that law a little bit more and don't go by what you may hear from individual officers. In NorCal the law states (and I suspect this is California law) that if you are issued a front plate (and everyone is) then you have to mount the front plate at the front of the...
  13. Front License Plate Mount

    Thanks, but no. I would definitely rather block my horn than block airflow to my turbo intercooler or engine. Plus (I can say from experience and research) this does not mute the horn at all. It's all good. Thanks! -- Frank
  14. Front License Plate Mount

    A big +1 for SlyBrackets BozzMounts! Super happy with this license plate relocate bracket set! Easy install on my Civic Type R and very sturdy. Looks great!
  15. Anyone run 245/40/20 tires instead of the 30 series?

    Not the type of driveway curb we have - but great idea and I can see others make "curb ramps" that may work, some even on Amazon. Will check this out further, thank you! -- Frank
  16. Anyone run 245/40/20 tires instead of the 30 series?

    Thanks All! It sounds like 245/35/20 will be the way I go. That only gives just over 1/2 an inch of ground clearance, but hopefully that will be enough. My driveway is hell. I already have a steel ramp but I still have trouble. I may look into getting a bigger steel ramp as I think there is...
  17. Anyone run 245/40/20 tires instead of the 30 series?

    How about 245/40/20 tires on the stock 20" rims and stock suspension? Anyone know if this will fit (real world use, 3 passengers, crappy California roads, etc.) any bumping or rubbing in the wheel wells? Would love the extra 1" of ground clearance - my driveway ramp is tearing up my stock front...
  18. Higher mileage summer tires?

    I'm curious about this too - bump! If anyone has done this, especially on the stock 20" rims, please chime in with your experience. Thanks! -- Frank