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  1. OEM brake longevity?

    I was recently at the Honda dealership and the tech told me my back brakes were low and that they would just change the back pads and re surface the rotors. I'm at 19k although the back ones do look low they're still going strong ( I inspected them myself ). The fronts still have plenty of life...
  2. CarPlay issues

    I've had the same issue as you lately and I've seen on the Facebook car groups that other people are having the same issue as well. My carplay would just crash and screen would go black and not come back, not even turning the car off worked. I've had to reset my radio twice in the last month for...
  3. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Link to this? I want to get those.
  4. How long did your stock tires last?

    I'm 16k on the original ones, still looking pretty good. I don't run the car hard so i'm having no issues with them and I don't plan on driving the car in the winter so I'll probably have those on for a while.
  5. Rarity!!

    I only see one once in a blue moon around here so i think they're pretty rare. I do see a lot of SI's, STI and Golf R around here.
  6. First mod you did on your CTR?

    First Mods was the OEM leather shift knob and tint. The car came with the red Ralley armor mudlflaps and K&N filter which i was planning on doing. Next mod for me will be the clear side marker. Keeping my car fairly stock, going light on mods.
  7. FK8_21359


  8. TypeR Buying Experience

    I ended up going to Honda Newton and picked up my Type R from them, used with 10k. They wouldn't budge off the price but I made them give me a lot for my trade-in. . I'm very excited about it, loving the car so far, here's a few pictures of the car, I'll have more pictures later on. What are...
  9. TypeR Buying Experience

    940 is not too bad for that kind of package, if I'm able to get something like that I definitely will. I want to keep my wheels in good condition. Thanks for all the information!!
  10. TypeR Buying Experience

    If you don't mind me asking whats the general price range for the wheels warranty, that's something i may be interested in, not sure if i'll go for the extended warranty though. I'm dead set on the white as of right now, sonic gray pearl being my only second choice so you're right it might be an...
  11. TypeR Buying Experience

    Definitely Will!
  12. TypeR Buying Experience

    I hope thats not the case around here. I'm seeing a lot of new and used Type R's at the dealerships for 2-4 months. This particular one I've been eyeing on Car gurus has been sitting there for almost 6 months now. Wonder if people aren't buying them or the dealerships have some surprises when we...
  13. TypeR Buying Experience

    Thank you for all the information I will definitely make sure to reach out if I have any question since you are in my area as well. I am defnitely hoping to at least test drive the car first although I know I'm just going to end up buying it anyways. Just want to deal with any BS. I'm pretty...
  14. TypeR Buying Experience

    whoa! Did you buy used or new?
  15. TypeR Buying Experience

    Well thats good to hear about the used ones. Not too worried about test driving it though because i know I'm set on getting it.
  16. TypeR Buying Experience

    General question here for everyone whos gone through the experience of buying a type R. I'm looking to get a lightly used 2019 Type R in late March or April. Just want to get your insight on the whole experience of buying the Type R. I know a lot of dealers won't let you test drive, but what...
  17. FACE LIFT TYPE R SPOTTED? Check out the pic. What do you think?

    later this winter....does this mean march/april? Looking to get a 2019 Type R now that these will be coming out.
  18. Sonic Grey CTR at MSRP!

    Such a nice color. This is really making me change my mind on getting the white one. Decisions Decisions lol.
  19. Cheaper Entry-Level 2018 Civic Type R variant coming?!

    Give me a Type R with minus the Full LED headlights, Crazy bolstered seats, high performance tires, premium surround sound and I'm buying! Don't know how accurate this article is but I don't think i could do without the 7inch screen and the rear wing. Edit. Oh and no damn NAV