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  1. Sedan Aftermarket LED Tail Lights

    I discovered these tail lights on ebay today, has anyone seen them before? They're a little pricey (~$300-$350) but I like the way they redesigned the reverse and turn signals. They are also supposedly plug-n-play with our current tail lights. What is your take on the style, do you like them...
  2. Got backed into while in a parking garage

    Yes, I have a $1,000 deductible so it isn't going to make much of a difference. Read above.
  3. Got backed into while in a parking garage

    I appreciate the idea but there's no way I'm going to all that trouble of getting the enter bumper replaced with another slightly less damaged one!
  4. Got backed into while in a parking garage

    My insurance agent said because a collision occurred (regardless if I'm at fault or not) it falls under a collision claim. I don't believe it's going to raise my rates.
  5. Got backed into while in a parking garage

    My car was sitting unattended in a parking garage in Cincinnati for the day and after I had driven back home I noticed this on the front right bumper and fender. No note or insurance left. The black slice you see near the bottom is actually a credit card sized hole. I got it appraised by my...
  6. Turn signal led bulbs?

    CivicChina is right, a $5 spray can of silver paint is significantly cheaper then the $65 OEM clear markers!
  7. Cheap, Permanent Touring Rattle Fix - Insulation Foam

    Shoot I wish I would have seen this earlier, I didn't glue mine together and mine goes from about 25mm to 10mm in thickness. The piece of foam from home depot is indeed only about 25mm thick, but that's just thick enough that we can still shove the wedge in 80% or so and still have a little...
  8. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    I love the fact that your CivicX name and your new paint job go so well together.
  9. Window Tint

    Thanks! When figuring out what type of film to get, I first contacted my shop to see what all they had in-house and what they could ship in next-day if I wanted it. From there I did research online for each type of film to see what the heat rejection percentage was of each type - my shop told...
  10. Window Tint

    I went with 20% ceramic all around and I've been extremely happy with it so far. In Ohio we're only allowed to have 50% or lighter on the front but I've had illegal tint on my cars for 3 years now and haven't gotten asked about it once. You are absolutely right that ceramic does have superior...
  11. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    Did you convert your civic to nuclear? Where's the fuel in the fuel gauge?
  12. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    Well shoot if I had known you were driving through Dayton I would have offered you my couch! Glad to hear the seats are comfy enough for a quick power nap though. If you're coming back through Dayton on 75 you should let me know, myself as well as a friend have Aegean Blue Touring's you could...
  13. Cheap, Permanent Touring Rattle Fix - Insulation Foam

    Okay so then I can admit it was just a coincidence that song played and then I realized you were from Canada hahah. Would Celine have been a better choice? Maybe Carly Rae?
  14. Touring subwoofer rattles.

    So I had the rattle and I was able to fix it using @inv4zn's foam wedge fix, took me 15 minutes and cost me about $8.50 and it could be even cheaper if you already have electrical tape. You can see his fix here...
  15. Cheap, Permanent Touring Rattle Fix - Insulation Foam

    Oh my goodness... THANK YOU @inv4zn!!! I bought the foam from the home depot link you provided, cut it to the 70x70x30x10 dimensions, covered it in electrical tape, shoved it up in my 3rd brakelight and VOILA! it works beautifully! The rattle is COMPLETELY gone! Turned the volume up to 30 on...
  16. Turn signal led bulbs?

    This image was taken from an Amazon review, but they include small boxes that you connect the bulb harness to which then feed directly into their custom bulb harness.
  17. Turn signal led bulbs?

    I installed these LED rear turn signals, they come with an in-line decoder/resistor that you twist-tie or tape to the inside of the taillight enclosure. Another link...
  18. BHead's Aegean Blue Metallic Touring

    I would take look a look at these if you wanted yellow:
  19. BHead's Aegean Blue Metallic Touring

    BHead's Aegean Blue Metallic Touring

    2016 Honda Civic Touring in Aegean Blue Metallic
  20. BHead's Aegean Blue Metallic Touring

    Greetings from Dayton, Ohio! I picked up my '16 Touring in Aegean Blue Metallic about two weeks ago and I absolutely love it so far! I've already done a fair amount of exterior modifications in just the first two weeks alone so I figured I'll document them below with pictures. I'm also still...