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  1. Motor oil

    All you did was prove my post true.
  2. Hypermiling

    Nowadays, that doesn't seem to be too much of a consideration for most people. With anything.
  3. Motor oil

    Oil threads are always entertaining. I wonder how long before everyone starts arguing over which is better. Always happens. Use whatever oil you want OP, because you'll catch crap on here no matter what you choose. Every car forum is the same. As long as you use a decent brand, you'll be good.
  4. Spotting other Civic owners on the road

    That is so true. Most people just get a car for transportation, or because they like certain things they'll use. Alot of people would drive a block of wood, as long as it had some cool features they could use with their stupid cellphone. For me though, I got my EGP Coupe, because I'll be damned...
  5. New user restrictions?

    It should definitely fit then. I think the max is 700?
  6. Honda Civic Breaks All-Time July Sales Record

    That IS interesting. I almost got a Fit, and I'm talking about heading to the dealer to get it when I spotted my green Coupe on the lot. If they would have waited one more day to get my Coupe, I would've been having a Fit. Literally. Honestly speaking, the Fit is an amazing car, and I think I...
  7. So my custom sunshade finally came in the mail. No more hot car!

    Yes, I definitely agree that it keeps the steering wheel, shifter (etc), from being as hot to touch. That's really the only reason I bother with it.
  8. Official AEGEAN BLUE Civic Thread

    I don't know what it is, but this is the single best new Civic pic I have seen yet. The dirt and background makes the car just POP. Love it.
  9. Help! Can't decide on a color!

    That doesn't always happen though. I had a Ford Escort from new, never waxed it, didn't even wash it that much, and the paint looked awesome 12 years later when I traded it.
  10. Your Dont need a Volume Knob!

    For you people who are complaining about no volume knob, just sell your car, it's useless, just sell it. Joking. I like having a knob, but at the same time, I dont like touch screen radios. Personal choice. If you love your car, but must have a volume knob, change the HU. If you don't wanna...
  11. Vinyl Wrapped Front bumper

    That just looks like red reflective tape like you can get on eBay for $10 for a big roll. They come in 1/2 inch by 30 feet, or something like that. Cheap and easy.
  12. So my custom sunshade finally came in the mail. No more hot car!

    I still like part of the thread title, "no more hot car". In the summer the car is gonna get hot inside no matter what you do. It's crazy, but I have got into a co-workers car after it setting in the sun all day with no tint or shade, and it wasn't any hotter than mine is with tinted windows AND...
  13. Led light strips inside car

    If you wanted a quick and very easy to remove light that will glow in the foot well area up front, buy a pink neon tube, set it in the cubby by the 12v power outlet and plug it in. Most of them have an on/off switch.
  14. Rumor / Leak: 1.5T Civic Si engine confirmed?

    I love seeing it when info is "leaked" about something. Like we don't know it's from them just to spread a starting fire.
  15. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    I think those were 3rd. Just messin'. Personally, it's a pretty close tie between yours and mine for favorite IMO. I just really like Honda's wheel designs lately.
  16. Hypermiling

    I pretty much stay in the right lane. I have no desire to get anywhere quickly. The only time I might speed or drive crazy, was if a family member was rushed to the Hospital or something similar, then I'll probably drive like an idiot.
  17. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    I remember reading somewhere that those Accord wheels were high on the thievery list.
  18. New user restrictions?

    When you resize a pic, look at the file size, not pic size.
  19. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    If you mean the 9th gen Si wheels, I see those on eBay all the time. Probably because they get stolen and resold alot. Stupidly expensive though. IMO anyway.