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  1. South Jersey

    we really should.
  2. South Jersey

    looks nice, and i'm out by the winslow hs
  3. South Jersey

    :headbang: Same haha
  4. LED tails. Not OEM lol.

    i was waiting to see if anyone would make custom tail lights. This does look interesting though.
  5. tmps on 2017 civic hatchback

    when i went to honda for a tire problem i was instructed to just drive 1 mile at a constant 45 mph to complete the calibration.
  6. It's been a while, how's the leather?

    didn't even notice that when i saw it. although one thing i wish honda would think about is the cooled seats like other brands are using. I'm curious why honda hasn't looked into it.
  7. It's been a while, how's the leather?

    Does anyone know if the leather in the 2016 honda civic is the same as in the 2016 accord? sat in an accord at the dealership deff. the next car i will be getting when i'm done with the civic but the leather felt more well premium in my opinion. could have also just been because of the bigger seats.
  8. It's been a while, how's the leather?

    i have about 16k miles on the car almost 17k and i must say that the leather is holding up very nicely still very comfortable and still looks as good as the day i bought it.
  9. FlashPro release date and specifications

    will be doing this when my warranty runs out haha
  10. South Jersey

    i would say thats central lol but still at least jersey haha
  11. Tire Chains

    in all honesty i believe the only time i've ever seen chains was when i was watching a movie forget what the movie was but yea never had seen chains ever used before.
  12. Mouse chewed my Harness

    dude jump in on that law suit, or just tell honda you will and see if they compensate to keep you from jumping into the lawsuit haha
  13. South Jersey

    Just curious if there are any CivicX owners in south jersey? i've been seeing a lot more 10th gen civics around town
  14. Mouse chewed my Harness i know a little late for this now but might help you in the future lol
  15. Tire Chains

    That is beautiful lmao i would love a subaru but i feel like the practicality of a Truck would be better with the bed and all. might actually decided to trade the Civic for a wrx if i chose to do that instead of a truck hahaha
  16. Tire Chains

    this is why after i get into a police department i'll be buying a 4X4 maybe a ford f-150 or something along those lines. the civic is amazing but i am tired of driving through snow and bad weather. Just can't affort the gas for a 4X4 at the moment haha.
  17. Tire Chains

    tie the tires to the roof. get some old beat up rims off creigslist for around $100 some people do sell them. then get firestone winter tires which are only $68 a tire thats what i might end up doing. still cost a little but still under $500. But if you want to go economical i would say just...
  18. Tire Chains

    i would say instead of getting chains i would say grab some good winter tires. The problem with chains is they are made for short distances and if you are going to be driving a lot then you would be getting in and out a lot in the snow. Also if you where to leave the chains on at any point in...
  19. Halo led fog lights

    yea, i'm thinking about these ones since it comes with the halo light as well as projector led fog lights all together. and in all honesty $75.00 isn't too bad compared to the other things i've already done with the car lol