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  1. phone mount for this car?

    I have an iPhone and hate apple maps....I use it so I can watch Waze....
  2. phone mount for this car?

    Pricey, but this is the brand I always go with:
  3. Front Bumper coming loose on passenger side

    Just an FYI....I had the same issue upon delivery but didn't notice it until a couple days later. This is a fitment issue and I'm sure a lot of people have this issue and just don't know it.
  4. Concerning all these threads popping up with issues like this is some sort of troubleshooting forum

    I'm coming from BMWs and having those forums is a god send. I felt MORE comfortable dealing with a problematic E90 M3 when I knew I had resources available to me to fix the problems. BMWs are not as reliable as Honda's by a long shot but enthusiasts keep buying the hell out of them because the...
  5. Thailand civicx gloss front grille

    Looks like I bought the right one then lol.....I think it'll be worth it for the nice look it'll give the white. I wanted a blue coupe but you just can't find them white it is!
  6. JDM Thailand RS Grill Install

    I'm very much interested in the difference as well. I ordered the big kit with the extra grill piece so I'll take pics when I get it.
  7. Thailand civicx gloss front grille

    I noticed this link is missing the "71121-TED-T01 Base Front grille" from the original listing in the post. If I don't get this piece what am I missing? Thanks guys! Picking up my white EX-L coupe on Thursday!