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  1. Please help my friend battling brain surgery

    hi guys, My friend is currently in a hospital for a brain surgery. He's really a great guy who always help people. I'd like to return the favor by helping him raise money for hospital bills. All donations are welcome! Thank you so much.
  2. State Inspection

    I'm doing this only because I want to drive for Uber, and they said if I get state inspection in VA, i can drive to DC, MD and VA. but if i get MD inspection then its only for MD and DC.
  3. State Inspection

  4. State Inspection

    Anybody know a state inspection for MD or VA who won't give me a hassle about my tints? Hate to take them off just for that reason.
  5. Google Map to use instead

    so whats the app called for iOS?
  6. Google Map to use instead

    that seems to be only for gaming.
  7. Google Map to use instead

    lol that's awesome. what's the app did they use?
  8. Google Map to use instead

    Hey guys, Anybody know how to use the google map instead of iphone map when in carPlay?
  9. Guidance Volume

    I have an iPhone 6 with iOS 9.3.3
  10. Guidance Volume

    I noticed recently that when I have my iPhone plugged in and playing music through carplay, and I unlock my phone to look for something, it lowers the audio volume in the car, and when I tried to turn up the volume, it says guidance volume max at 11. But when I lock my phone, it restores the...
  11. BHead's Aegean Blue Metallic Touring

    do you know if there is a bright yellow led fog light? I kinda want to see how bright the yellow would be
  12. Post your aftermarket wheel/tire set up

    What kind of wheels are these and where to get it? I like it... thinking about ordering for my Aegean blue touring sedan.
  13. First time wrapping..

    just take your time bro, there are some edges that didn't turn up good, but it's not noticeable unless you really look at it. I say go for it! it's an experience for me, and I'm glad I did it, hopefully the next time I do, I'll be a lot better.
  14. Mid-Atlantic Represent!

    perfect, we just need more people to join us. I tell you what, every Wednesday, a friend of mine go to a park near college park to play basketball, would you be interested to come? we usually meet up around 6 pm
  15. Post your tinted windows

    I paid $245 for the 3M with lifetime warranty. If that's too expensive, there's cheaper alternative that starts off at $180, but quality isn't great. If you're going there this week, let me know when bro, I can come with you. It's right down by my house anyway.
  16. Mid-Atlantic Represent!

    You're right.. I think it's time to show off the 10th gen to car meets.
  17. Mid-Atlantic Represent!

    College Park, MD here, anybody want to meet up?
  18. 2017 Honda Civic Si Coupe First Sighting!

    "We have yet to receive any solid info.. blah blah." You sound like one of those dealer rep. What do you mean the type R could be completely different from the Si? LMAO. Type R is in a whole different level than Si. Again, keep dreaming on AWD, if they've already beaten GTR in Nurburging, why...
  19. 2017 Honda Civic Si Coupe First Sighting!

    Hey bro, according to someone here, you need to appreciate the "performance" of it, not the luxury style. LOL
  20. 2017 Honda Civic Si Coupe First Sighting!

    LOL keep saying that to yourself. Si holding a sport title? More like poor man's Type R. Also, STI, RS, and EVO are in AWD league, but Type R is FWD.. so how can you say it's built to compete with them? LMAO it's built to compete for much more than those rally cars...