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  1. Chris Harris On Cars

    For me, it was the refinement on the Golf R- It's not just the red colors, it's all sharp angles and points while the R is more curves. Also, you're looking at the shifter for an automatic R, of course it's ugly ;)...
  2. What's your purchase price?

    Wait- how is it going to be more limited then the R, RS, or STI? Do you have any kind of fact for that? Even with ADM, R, STI, and RS can be found for under 40k.
  3. What's your purchase price?

    See- I love the mild look of the R. To most people (and cops at a glance) it doesn't look like a performance car. But those who know what to look for can see the difference, headlights, the R logos, etc. As much as I love a full out performance vehicle- my 15 mile commute is mostly straight...
  4. What's your purchase price?

    I think the CTR will have a tough time selling if it's in the same price category as the STI and Golf R. From what I've seen so far of the CTR- it doesn't seem to be feature riddled. I decided to go with the Golf R and it's totally loaded with features- AWD, nav, DCC, leather, driver assistance...
  5. online credit apps to multiple dealers?

    Hello, I'm trying to get the best car deal possible from start to finish. This includes a trade in, financing, and the OTD pricing of the car. I have outstanding credit (780) with established credit history, low debt/monthly payments vs income, and 2 years in my current work position. Many...
  6. Next auto-show or info release date?

    Do we have any date or timeline when we'll get more information on the SI? Sedan, power specs, etc.
  7. Why no HTTPS?

    SSL certification costs money... All you're sending is your password for this website. Unless you use the same password on car forums as your bank account / credit card accounts then the password alone doesn't mean anything... And even then, someone needs to be monitoring your internet...
  8. Buyer's Guide: Should I Buy an Si or Type R?

    I think there's really two levels in this area. And it defines the difference between "sport" and "performance." Sport is the SI, GTI, etc. It's a firmer suspensions to give more of a connection to the road. It's by no means "track ready" or "top of the line." It's meant to give the driver more...
  9. what no volume knob...big deal....

    No... You really did complain about people complaining... you can spin it a different way if it makes you feel better.
  10. 2018 GTI - 242HP!

    220 vs 295 HP, AWD vs FWD, DCC, and other smaller adjustments. Performance+Autobahn here is 34k, and there's only 1-2k wiggle there. So 6k-8k more expensive. AWD is the big one for me.
  11. Buyer's Guide: Should I Buy an Si or Type R?

    I'm pretty ok with this ideology... However, not relevant to me at all ^_^
  12. Buyer's Guide: Should I Buy an Si or Type R?

    None? you know every SI in your area, and everyone is not-stock?
  13. 2018 GTI - 242HP!

    To me- Honda doesn't have a car in the bracket I'm looking for. I'm considering spending 40k on a Golf-R. The reliability trend is a hold back for sure as VW doesn't have a great rap to it's name. However, this would be a new car, and I know how to take care of my vehicles. The Golf-R doesn't...
  14. Perspective on the Civic Si 1.5T engine choice

    I think the old SI sold fairly well IIRC... I don't remember seeing to many of them just sitting around on lots.
  15. 2017 Honda Civic Si Prototype Debut - Q&A, Photos, Video

    I see LaneWatch on the SI- does anyone else see any other sensing options? ACC?
  16. 2018 GTI - 242HP!

    Sure... but what do they drive? I don't value luxury brands enough to continue buying them at this point (Audi, BMW, Acura, etc.)
  17. 2018 GTI - 242HP!

    One of the things I go to most about the VW's is how clean they look. Even the Civic HB Sport borders on "a high school senior's first car." As a 30 year old professional who enjoys sporty cars it's quite annoying... I'd seriously consider a CTR if it wasn't for the over-the-top red...
  18. 2018 GTI - 242HP!

    Yeah the SI/CTR/Golf R is a round circle argument for me. Money isn't all that much of a deciding factor for my next car.. Well CTR is going to be sportier than the SI... But then the Golf R is AWD and CTR is FWD... but now I'm at 40k, the SI is only 25k.... it's endless...
  19. 2018 GTI - 242HP!

    I was very close to buying a Golf R. VW is known for reliability issues. These forums you see a good amount of the same problem coming up, VW will be different for each thread. Everything from bumper pucks being left in, power windows failing, water pumps failing, etc. It's generally said to be...