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  1. Custom Type R Plate Ideas

    because it’s the daily 😅
  2. Deleting Red Stripe on Ground Effects...

    I bought it from Oreillys but Autozone sells the same brand as well.
  3. 2020 type R fog light surrounds

    Don't recall the color (maybe Rallye Red) when they gave me the parts quote for the 2020 Type R bumper vents/garnishes at the dealership the other day: 71513-TGH-A50ZB --- GARNISH, R. *R513* --- LIST PRICE: $332.10 71518-TGH-A50ZB --- GARNISH, L. *R513* --- LIST PRICE: $332.10 71113-TGH-A50ZB...
  4. Hood Vents

    Curious... I know they're not quite over the turbo area where most of the heat is generated, but has anybody just thought cutting vents where the 4 “recessed holes” are in the skeleton then place mesh in the open area? Would this help in any way?
  5. Burble Tune?

    Should work the same, all jailbreaking is doing is unlocking the ECU. My car was originally unlocked using KTuner before I bought the car, and then went I bought Hondata, I didn't have to unlocked it again, it worked no issues.
  6. Deleting Red Stripe on Ground Effects...

    I replaced the red with white, but added red to some other areas like the diffuser "fins" and wing. The white is a little brighter and doesn't quite color match to CW but I think it makes it pop more.
  7. HKS Legamax and HKS fp

    Ah okay, I see. Would you part out just the front pipe by any chance?
  8. HKS Legamax and HKS fp

    Does the HKS front pipe change the sound or loudness with staying with the stock downpipe?
  9. HKS legamax exhaust sound clip

    Curious, has anybody with HKS Legamax here deleted the resonator but kept stock downpipe/frontpipe?
  10. Adding exterior pin striping?

    Where did you order the RR mirror covers? Directly from Honda?
  11. *Introduction of Members

    What’s going on? Name: Chris. State: Colorado. City: Colorado Springs. Currently Drive: 18’ Honda Civic Type R & Lotus Elise w/ Turbo K20. Owner or Enthusiast: Owner. Interests: Anything car related & being a foodie.