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  1. Heat issues

    man i got 14k miles, this shit better not need to be changed yet!! i might look into the koyorad and bigger fan. anyone done it??
  2. Heat issues

    i do not but i was just looking at the mishimoto and sirimoto ones. Im just not too informed on how they perform. and i dont think ktuner allows for fan control
  3. Heat issues

    i appreciate it man! maybe a vented hood would be a good idea!
  4. Heat issues

    Yea i got PRL IC but even at that temp the IC gets hot lol. IAT's were like 120-130. Yea knock also went to .55 even with the 1-1.5 gal of e85. Im pretty sure ECU pulls boost because the car went NOWHERE when i tried lol. Thought my clutch was going at first. What about the oil? i know 5w30...
  5. Heat issues

    The other day i made the drive from SD to Vegas. If youve driven that a few times you know the high desert gets hot as hell and theres a bunch of traffic along the way because californians cant drive. about 190 miles into the drive my ECT was higher than normal (180's) while off throttle/little...
  6. I hate my car....48k miles later

    2020 13k since day 1. pretty sure my brake shims are shittin the bed, right wheel squeaks under light brake load. paint is like dried up jizz and cracks the second you throw a mosquito at it. other than that the baby girl is running smooth.
  7. TSP Stage 1+ ?

    murphys my guy! theres like 3 in north town
  8. TSP Stage 1+ ?

    yea. i only had one slip a while ago after installing the TIP and intercooler. Seems to be holding fine
  9. flashed TSP stage 1, instant issues (operator error?)

    From what I remember man is it’s the rev hang. If you checked off “delete rev hang” on ktuner and has cruise main off, it jolts like that. That was on TSP stage 1, I’m on 1+ now and it doesn’t jolt.
  10. TSP Stage 1+ ?

    Flashed +tonight. Start things off, i just moved from florida back to the west coast so they have no 93 here (kinda mad) but there is 85 all over. So after putting the tune on the ktuner i headed to the gas station since i needed a fill anyways. Put a gallon of 85 and filled up rest with 91 as...
  11. Fuel Trims Advice rough idle

    were you tuned when you went in?
  12. Si vs touring

    my car sounds like a spacex shuttle coming back down to earth. but i have a RMM too so
  13. Close call with a deer

    30somethin hours!! probably gonna do it in 2-3 days. ill have my wife so she'll keep me awake lol
  14. Close call with a deer

    Lived in Ohio for 4 years. the amount of times ive almost died by deer has hardened me to just look at them on the side of the road while driving and say "oh, a deer." My mom hit one a few years ago and had my grandma in the car with her. She hit a deer and my grandma goes "you just hit a...
  15. Spark plug socket size

    so its a 9/16s or 14mm but dumb ass autozone didnt have a 9/16s deep enough to fit, so i grabbed a deeper 14mm and a magnet on a stick so hooooopefully i can get them in lol
  16. Spark plug socket size

    Thanks bud!!
  17. Spark plug socket size

    You da man bud!!! Does it have to be 12 point?
  18. Spark plug socket size

    Says it all. At autozone and need to know what size socket to get. Can’t find it on google, phone is getting shitty service
  19. TSP Stage 1+ ?

    anyone in san diego know if they have 93? or e85? im moving there in about 12 days
  20. TSP Stage 1+ ?

    id assume if youre under half a tank just put a gallon of e in and then fill the rest with 91. it should mix it up enough