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  1. Phearable Tune for the FK8

    Okay... this is gonna sound pretty stupid. I run a 93 hondata base tune on a 2018 and I love the changes it made to the car. One of the things I’ve noticed compared to my stock 2021 (minus intake) is the significant difference in fuel economy (getting noticeable better MPG with the hondata...
  2. How many more 2021s be made? When will the next gen body start shipping?

    I'm only 5'9 and an avid runner so my frame fits the car well. Although nearly hitting 40 so I make some odd sounds getting in and out of it. Especially with a helmet on at the track lol... I noticed a drastic improvement in mileage after doing the Hondata flash. The 2018 is flashed for...
  3. How many more 2021s be made? When will the next gen body start shipping?

    Ha! I'm not even comparing the Exige to it! I'm just saying in general... My previous cars were lackluster as it comes to being comfy... The 2018 Type R felt great and does everything we ever ask of it. Great MPG (Fuelly 32+ every trip), amazing storage capacity, beyond comfy seats, great AC and...
  4. How many more 2021s be made? When will the next gen body start shipping?

    Jesus... You people think the CTR doesn't have comforts as a daily? Bunch of fancy asses in here :D I'm just glad it has AC and a radio...
  5. BRONZE ONLY wheel Thread post your CTR

    Superspeed RF05RR 18x9.5 +38
  6. Did a rear rotor swap, Electronic Brake Problem -- Dealership says REPLACE ENTIRE CALIPER???

    I’m sure everyone’s is different. I did this in 2018 with a rear brake job. Got the error. Readjusted my torq spec on the replaced spindle. It received the error for about 3 days and eventually the parking brake spun itself back into the correct position. I’m not the only one here that this...
  7. Camping with the CTR

    We have been camping with the R throughout Michigan for a few years now! Love it due to the space and practicality. We even sleep in the R during cold rainy nights :) it’s very comfortable!
  8. Avid. 1 AV 06- has anyone tried them in the type r

    I LOVED my Avid1 06 on previous vehicles but they didn't make them 5x120 so I couldn't snag them for the Type R. I'd gladly use them again in the future if they started to make wheels for our cars. I live in metro Detroit... our roads are worse than Baghdad mortar holes... I can't justify ever...
  9. Need help deciding my purchase option

    Honda dealers are pretty much the new movie theaters and popcorn. epic snag! I walked out of the dealership like... god damn... this wasn’t like my 2018 LOL
  10. Need help deciding my purchase option

    it’s now 37,895+995. It’s on all the window stickers plus on i had no idea they upped MSRP during the model year. I know they have done it between each model year.
  11. Need help deciding my purchase option

    Amazing! You got almost $1000 off 2020 msrp. I haven’t heard of anyone getting that. 2020 MSRP = $37,895.
  12. Need help deciding my purchase option

    Wow your dealer removed the dealer delivery destination fee? That seems locked with any dealer I've spoken to not even just Honda. $995 and I believe they are increasing that price. 37,950+995 = 38,890 * 7.25% sales tax = $41,709.52 excluding any plates or fees... $42k+ is a realistic goal for...
  13. Need help deciding my purchase option

    I just snagged a black 2020 at MSRP which was considerably higher than my 2018 (34k to 39k!)... Forgot how much MSRP has increased. It also had accessories like the floor mats+truck protector, wheel locks, and paint protection. I felt slightly ripped off due to the accessories like that since to...
  14. Michigan FS: 2020 Stock Wheels+Tires (600mi) $950

    FS: 2020 Stock Wheels+Tires+lugs/wheel-locks (only 605 freeway break-in miles on them; PA to MI straight from dealership) $950 OBO Location: Chesterfield, MI Willing to travel for delivery up to reasonable distances. I’ll ship as well as long as you pay for the costs and insurance. I have...
  15. CTR at (or below?!!) sticker NICE LIST!

    thanks again for watching out for all of us. Adam and Joe were great to work with but sadly someone already got a deposit on this one. I’m still hunting for a black one.
  16. CTR at (or below?!!) sticker NICE LIST!

    thanks! I sent them an email since it was closed and I’ll try in the morning.