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  1. Aerofusical's 2018 RR Type R

    Thanks Rebel, will remembe to not use the flash 😆 You can contact Aq Autos on eBay regarding the steering wheel, they sorted me out 👌
  2. Hondata FlashPro

    Price is Neg. Let me know your address and I'll give my lowest price
  3. Aerofusical's 2018 RR Type R

    Time I start my build thread and have that nice reference of the journey that will follow :) I've had a few cars over the years and always been a big part of my life, just love cars, modifying them and the passion the community shares and families that form because of it Need to go dig in my...
  4. *Introduction of Members

    Been a long time reader, had my CTR for about a year and looking forward to getting more involved in the community as I start dropping in my parts. Name: JP County: South Africa City: Cape Town Currently Drive: 2018 RR FK8 Type R Owner or Enthusiast: Both :) Interests: Whisky, Wine...
  5. Hondata FlashPro

    Unfortunately not but so you learn hey, already bought the international version and waiting for delivery. Was such a anticlimax after jailbreaking and then wanting to upload the calibration and getting the message, realizing the mistake 🤦‍♂️
  6. Hondata FlashPro

    So bought a Hondata unit from JHPUSA and like a knob didn't know there is a USA and International version of the FlashPro. Because I'm in South Africa I fell outside of the return policy as it was more than 14 days later. Brand new for $675 DHL shipping included to most states.