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  1. Clutch issues need help!

    Nope it was paid out of pocket.
  2. Clutch issues need help!

    Their throw out bearing is what caused all the problems for me, the ears kept breaking off which would let it bend the pressure plate fingers. Finally put a new pressure plate in and used an oem Honda bearing and have been fine since. But type r next for sure
  3. Clutch issues need help!

    Yes, it actually ended up being a faulty pressure plate out of all things. I’ve had a bad run with clutchmasters, will do the type r retro once I have the money and time to do so.
  4. Customizing instrument cluster!

    I didn’t take any pictures of the back unfortunately, and there are only two plugs. One big, and one small (maybe 2/4 pin). I did have the same idea though going into it, and did some searching on Honda’s estore, and found that they are two different part numbers for the cluster itself. Which...
  5. Customizing instrument cluster!

    Hey guys! Been a minute since I’ve posted here. Decided to take on a project yesterday. Tore apart the dash, took apart the cluster, and wrapped the center portion (between clear plastic cover and actual cluster) in 3M 1080 anthracite carbon fiber vinyl. Turned out pretty good, though it was a...
  6. Clutch issues need help!

    Ive watched it and it moves fully, even when cold, but hard to tell when I cant see the range of motion side by side when it works or doesn't. And yes, the clutch was properly bled.
  7. Clutch issues need help!

    Hey guys, might be a little long here but I'm stuck and need some thoughts, so bear with me. Vehicle is a 2017 civic ex-t, currently have the clutchmasters fx400 with their lightweight flywheel. At 9000 miles, oem clutch started slipping while tuning, so I installed the clutchmasters fx350 and...
  8. 10th Gens in the snow!

    Up in the mountains last weekend
  9. REQUEST: Clutch install on 1.5t

    Yea, it'l chatter a bit in stop and go. This clutch has a very small sweet spot when it grabs, so it does tend to chatter in first. Doesn' bother me too much, until the person next to you thinks you can't drive stick:)
  10. REQUEST: Clutch install on 1.5t

    Haven't heard anything on the fx300. But I installed the fx350 on mine, and so far have put 450 miles of just street driving on it. It's a fairly easy clutch to use, as long as you don't mind a little chatter in first gear at times. And it will definitely hold power
  11. Temp gauge all the way up after disconnecting battery

    So today I installed the clutchmasters fx350 on my 17 civic Ex-T, and had the battery disconnected for installation. After connecting the battery and starting the car, the temp gauge immediatey went all the way up and displayed the warning to turn the car off because its too hot (Car had been...
  12. REQUEST: Clutch install on 1.5t

    What did the 400 owner think of theirs? I'm wondering if it's too much for a car that will also be a daily. I just want something that'll hold good power.
  13. REQUEST: Clutch install on 1.5t

    Any reason why you chose the fx350 instead of the 400? I figured you go for the 400 just because of the power you're already making, and it seems like you'll be doing more to yours as well.
  14. REQUEST: Clutch install on 1.5t

    In about a month or so?
  15. REQUEST: Clutch install on 1.5t

    Where are you located? Rich is only a 20 minute drive for me. 650 ain't bad either. Come down to Tacoma and do a diy vid for everyone here with me?:)
  16. REQUEST: Clutch install on 1.5t

    Yea I'll have a buddy helping me with it. And the only reason why I'm going with the 6 puck fx400 is because I want to put something strong in that will hold good power, because I do plan on going all out on this build. Currently, with the fmic, intake, catless dp and full exhaust and custom...
  17. REQUEST: Clutch install on 1.5t

    Unfortunately I don' have a subframe jack, I was worried about that being an issue. All I'll have is a lift and hand tools. I want to be able to do it myself but don't want to start it until i know exactly what im getting myself into, especially on this new of a car. All the other installs I've...
  18. REQUEST: Clutch install on 1.5t

    Hey guys! Getting ready to order the clutchmasters fx400 6 puck clutch, and was curious about installation. I don't have a garage but there is a shop in town that you can rent with their lift and everything for a day. I'm not 100% sure if I want to tackle this, though I have done clutches and...
  19. Side skirts/front lips

    In this picture i was running megan racing coilovers, then switched to k sports. And as far as modifying, it's all personal preference! All depends on what you like and dont like
  20. Ksport coilovers

    You'll have to roll the fenders if you're going low, I rolled mine and got about a quarter inch of clearance from the inside of the fender and tirewall at -3° camber all around on 18x9.5