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  1. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Well, traded civic ex-t in last night for a 2018 Accord EX-L 2.0...sorry folks!
  2. Auto High Beams; traffic sign recognition

    When I was test driving Accords last month, the guy told me it is strickly on the Accord....I liked it, would be nice in the Pilot, especially in a location you aren't familiar with, but not something I would need 99% of the time
  3. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    No DIY exactly, you can look up the OEM install instructions, I bet it would be similar....the factory plug though is right by the OBD2 port, if you glance up there, you will see a small white plug, very simple.....the lights have a built in fuse, so no worries there, best to lay out the wire...
  4. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    The other day I added these led door sills I am thrilled with them, good quality, all 4 sills light up, install was simple, plugs into factory plug so no splicing
  5. Rear speaker replacement questions

    Fry's emailed me that they canceled my order because of high demand...I may just find some low cost front speakers and replace them since it should be easy....did you find any that you liked?
  6. Rear speaker replacement questions

    I went ahead and ordered them...sonic shows that it should fit, crutchfield told me it would have to be a custom fit and their mounting bracket won't fit (was asking about a component set anyways for the front)...figured would be harder to get to the rear speakers then to figure out how to mount...
  7. Rear speaker replacement questions

    So how accurate is Crutchfield's fitting guide? I want to buy these speakers, but Crutchfield says they do not fit the rear deck because of mounting height. Has anyone tried the Kappa 62ix? Reason I was checking is when you sign up for their email, they...
  8. Anyone find good armrest and center console covers?

    Looks nice! I may look into a sold black shifter knob color...that red might clash with cosmic blue exterior :) Those outside panels, they just give it some shine?
  9. Anyone find good armrest and center console covers?

    I saw that shift knob cover but couldn't tell how it went one....does it just have tape and sticks on? Are you talking about the exterior pillars?
  10. Anyone find good armrest and center console covers?

    Thanks, I will take them out of my ebay watch list! What about just going and getting the leather pieces from a fabric store? Would it be weird to stretch it like the cloth pieces are, or do they need to stitching?
  11. Considering trading for an Accord Sport 2.0T 10AT

    Well, went in the other day going to buy an Accord....solid price going in, got to my trade...they started off offering way too low, went up another $1k, it was still below the poor condition trade in...I had a set price I wasn't budging, they tried their sales tactics and what not, so I...
  12. Considering trading for an Accord Sport 2.0T 10AT

    Thought about it, but not sure I would really ever need it, my hands are never that cold...heated seats yes...didn't get the heated steering wheel in the wife's pilot either...figured its about $300 not installed, didn't want to put that much into it :)
  13. Considering trading for an Accord Sport 2.0T 10AT

    No, I can clearly see it, I would notice it and I am colorblind :) Edit: Sorry, didn't see you say second picture, that is tougher I am thinking of trading my 16 EX-t for a sport 2.0, got a good price so far, just need to get trade in price
  14. Anyone try the new GUI one-click-root version of "Honda Hack?"

    I would love to try this on my 16 EX-T, but makes me nervous, wife would kill me if I broke my stereo :) when I put the car in reverse, sometimes its a black screen with the lines, so need to see if I can get a dealer to run a software update first.
  15. Adding some fakeness to my car

    Anyone have these? I like the looks of them, but kinda want to see what they look like from a distance, none of the pictures shows it...I don't want a ton of chrome, but a...
  16. Sirius XM

    My US based EX-T has XM....often at times it will be playing and just cut out for a second or a few seconds....I need to take it to the dealer because when I backup it is black at times. Trying to get a list of things before I go! :)
  17. Auto dimming mirror recommendation for EX-T

    I installed a Gentex aftermarket, has homelink on the mirror too, it was $40 on ebay about 2 years ago and came with the wiring. Ran it thru the headliner and to the interior fuse and used a fuse tap. Solved my issue of no homelink and auto dim mirror in my EX-T
  18. E-Brake error

    I had an e-brake error once, took to dealer, they did a software update, think it was part of a recall too...take a picture of the error on your screen with the date/time if possible, will be much easier to show them
  19. 1.5T Should I return these exhaust tips?

    Return them! I bought a set for about the same price, got a slight gap so it doesn't touch the bumper, about 2 days later, one fell off, so I pulled the other one and is sitting in the garage....complete waste of money and seller won't sell just one
  20. Got this offer for ex-t sedan with honda sensing. What do you think?

    Yeah, I don't think he was lazy, I think he just didn't want to waste time.