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  1. Possible repair defects?

    Left sideskirt. I think that it’s not placed correctly or just poor quality work
  2. Possible repair defects?

    Hah, now what do you think about the repairs? to me it seems a bit carelessly done. THE HANDLE IS STICKING OUT...
  3. Possible repair defects?

    Dumb me posted screenshots.. Ignore these
  4. Possible repair defects?

    I got my car out of service last month. It was not a Honda one due to the fact that the dealer refused to accept payment from the trucker’s ghost insurer company that sideswiped me. Now, I am currently seeing some things that are a bit out of place. Now do I just go back to them and ask them to...
  5. 1 thing you hate about your 10th gen civic?

    No ambient lighting, ventilated seats, 360 camera, no auto parking assist
  6. There might be something wrong with my engine

    Sounds like parquet. I’ll try driving in manual sport mode and record in if it does it again. By the way, the noise was before the accident not after.
  7. There might be something wrong with my engine

    I will try doing the manual thing, will come back soon
  8. There might be something wrong with my engine

    Should I try driving it in sport and in manual mode, see if it goes higher than 4k rpm?
  9. There might be something wrong with my engine

    My car is one year old and had about 7,500 km. How is that possible
  10. There might be something wrong with my engine

    Nope. Haven’t tried that since. The car is good apart from that, no other symptoms.
  11. There might be something wrong with my engine

    I have no idea, they got the factory ones I guess
  12. There might be something wrong with my engine

    So a few months ago I wanted to take my engine full revs so I did a kick down. Engine didn’t go over 3500 rpm so I did a downshift with the paddles and I hear a noise. It was like dragging furniture around the house. I didn’t try it again since then. I hit a dog a month ago and had radiators...
  13. Is this a problem?

    I will talk to the dealer, thank you
  14. Is this a problem?

    Is it something wrong with it?
  15. Is this a problem?

    Is this a problem with the auto headlights? I think so because its amber
  16. Big damage, help

    Well, i took care of it in that same day but yeah, she’s not admitting and nothing new so far. The spot to the gate doesn’t have cameras, the police report does intact state that she was there and I took a picture of the sensors and the damage.
  17. Big damage, help

    So about 2 months ago I left my home to head to work. As I live in a apartment building I had to leave the parking spot by an automatic gate. I was about to exit when a white i30 (my work colleague) passed in front of me and I stopped in the gate. Then her son closed the wrong gate causing the...
  18. Tire pressure keeps going down

    I’ve had the warning light twice coming on what is wrong with it?Went to the gas station to The tires and twice they were underinflated.
  19. Strange noise after fueling with premium

    I don't hear it anymore, but when I accelerated from a stop a small rattle/maybe knocking sound. I don't think I can hear it anymore