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  1. Manual Shifting Noob Question

    Happens to every one of us when were learning, so don't worry. Just be patient and don't panic when you're going uphill, slightly more gas and you'll be fine.
  2. 2019 Civic Si Coupe - Ported or Sealed Subwoofer Box?

    I'm currently running a Kicker CompR 12' with a generic sealed box. I've been told many times i screwed up buying a sealed and should've bought a ported box. I feel like ported is the way to go. I'll be making the upgrade soon.
  3. New GT style front Lip installed!!

    ikon lip looks amazing! But I've heard from Si coupe owners that in order for this lip to fit, it has to be shaved a little in the inside to completely fit perfectly. Is that any true?
  4. Lowering 2018 Civic Si

    Nice ride man! Would you mind passing me the link for that lip? I'm digging it!
  5. Why change the Si's shift knob?

    I have 5% all around and 20% on the windshield. I always try to park in a shade and regardless of that, it always gets toasty.
  6. Why change the Si's shift knob?

    I didn't weigh them but just by putting them on your hand you definitely feel the weight difference. And of course one being metal infused with leather vs. all metal. That already makes heavier. But keep in mind it's not a huge difference but it's noticeable.
  7. Why change the Si's shift knob?

    I honestly like the Si one. Only complaint about it is the same one as everyone's. Getting burned when its time to leave in the afternoon. I made the switch to the OEM Type R shift knob due to it being a tad heavier than the Si's knob. Only thing is that the Type R shift knob is all metal where...
  8. Any 10th Gen Si's in the Miami (305) area ?

    West Kendall :headbang:
  9. South Florida :)

    WHATSAPP CHAT? I want in!