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  1. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Gave it it's first Bath of the year now that winter is gone and got some pictures of the car CLEAN and with it's wheels that I put on like a month ago almost that I got from @Discount Tire
  2. What brand motor oil do yall recommend?

    a few years back on my last car I decided to go for the annual oil change interval as I drive 8-10k miles a year and that vehicle takes like 7 quarts so I spent far to much time researching oils and filters on websites like and even some Project Farm videos on Youtube and some...
  3. Tinting Headlights and taillights

    pretty sure they aren't "legal" anywhere, I mean think about it, do you walk around with sunglasses on at night? Also generally speaking tail lights are required to reach a certain brightness level during a sunny day to be seen from like 200 or 300 feet away (thats roughly how the law is written...
  4. Improve Suspension for Highway Driving

    smaller wheels so as to allow for taller tire sidewalls, short of that your gonna need like Air Ride (which I don't even know if a kit is available for these cars) to get smoother then stock.
  5. Ktuner isn't street legal, will this affect car insurance?

    every wreck that involved a tow had the car either towed to the lot of the tow company or back to my house. cops generally don't tow cars from wrecks, they may call a tow truck for you but you chose where it goes.
  6. Almost died on the highway today

    yeah I once had a random moron pull out in front of me when I was less then 200 feet away from him, he was stopped at a stop sign, I was doing 35 MPH, I had to slam on my brakes and swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid him by a matter of feet, fortunately the other lane was empty, this was in...
  7. Ktuner isn't street legal, will this affect car insurance?

    are you like 15 or something? this sounds like a question I would get on Quora from one of those people that have asked 15,000+ questions. the "not road legal" means it doesn't meet emissions standards, what you are asking is basically like asking will Car Insurance void my policy if I remove...
  8. Anyone just chill in their ride?

    C7 Vette, I was looking at C5's originally before I bought the Civic, but the opportunity came up to by the civic off of a family member that bought it brand new so I knew the entire history of the car, hell I drove it when it had like 600 miles on it, so between that and falling for the styling...
  9. Anyone just chill in their ride?

    when I first bought it last year I spent some time reviewing the owners manual and setting things like the Auto-lock stuff but this car is more of just a daily driver, not like my past cars where I had dozens if not 100's of hours and all kinds of blood sweat and tears into building over the...
  10. Today's "People can't drive" report

    legit had that today on my way home, I had 1 car in front of me already then another car pulls out in front of them and peaks at almost 20 under the speedlimit then manages to gain some speed half a mile later on the downhill but still never even gets up to the speed limit
  11. Post Your Aftermarket Wheel/Tire setup on Stock Suspension

    Konig Ampliform 19x8.5" with a 45 Offset wrapped in Toyo Extensa HP's in 235/35/19 to maintain the EX-T's stock tire diameter.
  12. Perfect Offset?

    I went with 19x8.5" with a 45 offset (wheel and tire combo matches or is about a pound or 2 lighter then the stock setup) to me they look good, "perfect offset" is definitely "in the eye of the beholder" so i'll let you be the judge of if you like this offset/wheel width
  13. 19x8.5 wheels on what offset with stock suspension?

    235/35/19 tires on 19x8.5" Konig Ampliforms with a 45 offset on stock suspension, definitely can't see running a 35 offset after seeing these in person.
  14. Anything I need to do with new wheels/tires?

    all advice appears good so far but they did all miss one key note, after driving it like 30 or so miles (couple of trips to give the wheels a chance to go through some heat and cool cycles you are supposed to go back and re-torque the lug nuts. and like said an Alignment is not a requirement...
  15. 8.5" wide wheel, +35 vs +45 Offset?????

    they are on the car, but it's in the 50's so too cold to wash the car and my impact adapter for half inch drive broke on me so I had to do the last wheel completely by hand. wheels are Konig Ampliform 19x8.5" with 45 offset
  16. Mods for Honda Civic Ex tL?

    per your request, they are 19x8.5 with a 45 offset
  17. 8.5" wide wheel, +35 vs +45 Offset?????

    45 offset, hoping to get them on he car in the afternoon Sunday, spent all day Saturday cutting down like 50-100 small trees in the backyard and cutting the pieces out of the damn Kudzu vines that have infested my backyard (and to the environmentalists, probably 60-70% of the trees where already...
  18. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    my wheels got here
  19. 8.5" wide wheel, +35 vs +45 Offset?????

    they're here, more pics will follow this weekend when I get a chance to get them on the car and wash the car.
  20. Using honda civic 18inch sport alloy rims on 2019 civic lx sedan

    your fine, the wheel wells are the same size, any factory wheel outside the type R (which has a different bolt pattern) is a direct swap.