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  1. Please tell me why???

    I strongly considered the JB4 before I bought Ktuner. The JB4 piggyback does things that a tune doesn't, and a tune does things that a piggyback can't. Two of the things that the JB4 does that I wish Ktuner did, is wait until your engine warms up before it "kicks in", and "drops out" if your...
  2. Ktuner

    Everything gtman just said. I just did a 120 mile cruise yesterday. Ktuner map 2, almost all interstate. According to my info center that leg yielded me an avg mpg of 42.5. Unless your pushing it, the car drives the same.
  3. What to get first?

    For your first mod, I feel that it is a toss up between a tune and a stronger Rear Motor Mount. They will change the feel the car as well as performance. After that consider an intercooler. A stronger RMM will not only improve the clutch feel and improve shifting, it will also increase the...
  4. The Fast Lane Car 2020 Type R and Si comparison

    Glad you guys explained how the two of them could be even until they got to second gear. Makes me feel better about my Si. It's just that Honda designed a car that can handle, but not launch.
  5. Safest Redline with stock cams?

    Interesting discussion. I'm afraid that without replacing parts, that we are stuck with the designed RPM limitations. Pity. Back in the early 70's my next door neighbor was testing a built-up Cortina engine (4 cyl.) for his buddy's Midget Car. They had it on a stand with some instrumentation...
  6. Clutch burned after 300 miles

    To the OP. When you launch, the RPM should be between 1000 and 1200 RPM. After that you should keep it between 2000 and 4000 RPM. You shouldn't go over 4000 RPM during "Break In" or go full throttle. On the other hand, moderately accelerating up to 4000 RPM is how this car is designed. It's...
  7. Best intake for the sound

    You're right. The only benefit that I can see to having the unused airbox underneath their intake, is that it doesn't allow "hot" air to accumulate or flow from beneath. Acting like a "heat shield" from the downpipe and the cat.
  8. How are y’all letting off the clutch at launch? 2017 Si

    Our cars don't have enough displacement to launch positively. The practice of racing the RPM and dumping the clutch doesn't work very good on our cars. The theory is that the clutch slip, or wheel spinning will prevent the engine from stalling. It doesn't. We have to manually regulate some...
  9. Best intake for the sound

    I think that it is one of the best "breathers" available. Retains the most amount of stock parts for a low cost. Sits high enough not to be a hydro-lock hazard. As far as heat soak, it's pulling air from the top of the engine bay. The faster you drive, the greater the amount of "cool" air...
  10. Car cranks but does not fire??

    If you've replaced the battery in your key fob (electric key), and charged up your cars battery without any success, you've got a problem. Somehow your theft system got triggered. Try disconnecting your cars battery for a half an hour. Make sure that it is fully charged and re-hook it up. You'll...
  11. Asking for clutch advice

    My clutch is slipping with just a Ktuner 21.5 "tune". So I keep it at 19.5. I too have been researching. Everybody who has got them love Eman's type R retrofit. You just have to buy a flywheel and get in line. I'm looking at getting a new lightweight flywheel and clutch too. I've been reading...
  12. Oversteer?

    Yeah, oversteer and understeer on our cars are problematic. The answer is "apply power" and let the front wheels "claw you" into the direction that you want to go. The problem though is that you are then adding velocity to a situation that was already dangerous. I found this effect very...
  13. Best intake for the sound

    First of all, there is no turbo "whistle" on these cars. All you get is a "whoosh". They sound to me like you're blowing something off with an air hose nozzle. For what sound they do make, remove your air cleaner and leave the airbox top "off". Then drive it for a hundred yards or so. And that...
  14. Rear Motor Mount

    Hey JDMsway1994, have you checked out this thread yet? CivicX RMM
  15. Rear Motor Mount

    Torque Solutions says that their RMM is rated at 75A durometer . That is comparibly much stiffer than stock and will make noticable Noise, Vibration, and Harshness.
  16. New Owner

    K&N Guarantees that it will not void the factory warranty. They've even taken a couple of manufacturers to court over it.
  17. Boomba bov
  18. New Owner

    Welcome and congratulations! 65 years old here. Yes, installing a "low restriction" air filter will result in better throttle response and two to three more H.P.. There is a battle about whether or not to use an "oiled" air filter or not. Interestingly the factory air filter has a light oiling...
  19. Civic vs Dedicated Sports Car

    In my past, some of my daily drivers have been, a '72 Triumph GT-6, 74 Datsun 260Z, and an '85 Corvette. Yes there is a noticeable difference. But... You're not in a position of replace your daily driver with a sports/muscle car. Keep the civic and save up for a "beat up" sports car. That way...
  20. 2017 Civic SI headlight conversion.

    Unless of course, you could find a LED Civic that has been "rear ended" at the salvage yard.