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  1. do you use 87 octane in your honda ex civic.

    And then we can hide these threads there and take turns answering them in shifts lol. I answered his questions and proved my points and got no response. Don't expect much of a conversation from the dude if that is what you are looking for lol.
  2. do you use 87 octane in your honda ex civic.

    It's not that hard to figure this stuff out man. I get it if you are proud of your education but projecting it on other people to try to make them feel stupid is not cool. If you explain it then people will understand. If they don't understand then you probably did a bad job at explaining it...
  3. do you use 87 octane in your honda ex civic.

    I don't have a degree in chemistry and I understand how octane and volatility work. :topic: Why does everyone have to have the same argument in every one of these threads lol. I think that gtman is right that we need a sticky or a forum category that teaches people about fuel types and lets...
  4. do you use 87 octane in your honda ex civic.

    I ran regular about half of the time. Premium about half of the time when the price would drop for a day or two. I have a KTuner now so I always run premium. I look at it like this, it doesn't hurt to run premium instead of regular and a lot of the gas stations around me handle the premium gas...
  5. rear visability 2020 civic. remember cars with big rear windshield

    Do these things have a "dim" setting? Like a flip up or down to tint the high beams on the lifted duramax riding 2 ft from my back bumper? I always wanted one of those but I would hate to get headlight glare off of 5 mirrors at once lol.
  6. Car and Driver tests high octane on 1.5T

    I mean yeah, but I was replacing it about every 15,000 miles. It's made out of a softer plastic (almost like poly or rubber) than most sensors and very sensitive to knocks and vibrations. It is designed to turn these knocks into a signal so the thing is going to fail faster if the engine knocks...
  7. Car and Driver tests high octane on 1.5T

    I might be wrong, but in my experience it seemed like a knocking engine has made my knock sensor literally crack and fall apart into pieces. I used OEM and aftermarket ones (new-in-box OEM sensors for a 1995 were REALLY hard to find) and they all did the same thing, but the OEM ones lasted about...
  8. Car and Driver tests high octane on 1.5T

    Yeah you're 100% correct. My (1995) ecu is OBD 2 but it really freaks out when the knock sensor starts to go. If your engine isn't in tip-top shape then it'll fail in 10 or 15,000 miles anyways.It really only affected my mpg in the long run. It detects knocks through vibrations in the block...
  9. Car and Driver tests high octane on 1.5T

    I would regularly agree, but my knock sensor failing on my nissan caused some problems and they go out pretty quickly if you run less than the recommended octane. It's not easy or cheap to fix on most cars so I'm gonna go ahead and say that people should just use what their car calls for.
  10. The Tuned Civic X Reliability Survey

    Vehicle: 2019 Civic EX hatchback Total tuned time: 2 months Total tuned mileage: 3000 miles Tuning device(s) used: KTuner V1.2 Tunes used: KTuner 21 Fuel used: 93 Octane Additional engine mods: N/A Problems/issues: None besides resetting my oil%. Not a big deal since I pay attention to my...
  11. 2019/2020 hatch owners - how’s your build quality?

    The rattles are actually interior trim pieces. A few in the headliner and one in the dash
  12. 2019/2020 hatch owners - how’s your build quality?

    My 2019 has been excellent. A few cold rattles but nothing terrible. Paint is soft and seems... fragile lol.
  13. My KTuner experience - an ongoing journal

    Could it just be the injectors? I've noticed that the injectors are loud AF on my car. Both before and after my tune.
  14. My KTuner experience - an ongoing journal

    Reflashing did reset my oil life reading on my 2019 EX. Not sure about everyone else but it resets mine every time. I plan to just tell them that I accidentally reset it myself when I was messing around with stuff.
  15. Able to move between Neutral and Drive without pressing trigger

    Oh yeah, you're correct on that. Who hasn't accidentally neutral dropped a car at some point? :( It hurts the soul and sometimes the neck, but the transmission will live on!
  16. How Tuning Affects your Warranty?

    When I worked at a dealership this was certainly not the case. We didn't have time to dig around and find people's dirty laundry. HOWEVER It is safe to assume that they are not idiots and can tell if a car has been tuned, so I'm with you there. Most of US could tell by simply driving in a...
  17. Able to move between Neutral and Drive without pressing trigger

    You're saying it isn't bad to throw it back into drive while it's revved up? I was assuming he is revving it up near 5k rpms, so I'm gonna say that he should avoid doing it. Of course, if he is just blipping the throttle then that's more like a rev-match and would do no harm. IMO we're missing a...
  18. 1.5T Non-Si CVT Tunes

    Mine comes in the mail tomorrow and I'll check back when I get it up and running :-)
  19. Able to move between Neutral and Drive without pressing trigger

    It probably won't damage anything if you let the revs come back down. Not really a recommended thing to do though. But YES you need to wait for RPM's to come back down. If you don't then you are neutral-dropping your car. A solid way to blow your transmission.
  20. Upgrading my 1.5T CVT Sedan - HELP!

    Get a ktuner or hondata, big MAF and intake, exhaust, and suspension. After that if you want to go fast, consider big brakes. Gotta be able to stop if you're gonna go fast. If you are sticking with the CVT then you aren't going to want to go too big with your build. IMO it will be unwise to put...