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  1. When LKAS slows you down, do the brake lights come on?

    No the right blinker goes on...
  2. SOLD 2017 civic SI wheels

    Wish you where closer to NJ would snag these.
  3. Official SONIC GRAY PEARL Civic Thread

    Omens if you dont me asking how.old are you?
  4. Official SONIC GRAY PEARL Civic Thread

    Does anyone have any Regrets after buying this car in this color? Im on the fence about it...
  5. '18 Civic Si wheels for sale

    Wish they had tires..
  6. Buying a CW Type R right now

    Dream car right there. Congrats.
  7. Hard time deciding between hatchback Sport vs. EX

    The hatch has more cargo room them some small SUV...
  8. Is this bumper from a lx or ex and above.

    The problem is the lx and the ex(and up) have to different paint...
  9. Is this bumper from a lx or ex and above.

    Quick question ( already asked seller) is this bumper from a lx or a ex and above. I need to replace my front bumper. I have pearl white... Any info would help...
  10. How reliable is Honda Sensing package on 2018 Civic? Do I need extended warranty?

    I had a Extended warranty on a 2010 crv. The Air conditioner broke 2000 miles out of Warranty. Honda did pay for half out of good faith. But nothing eles broke. I had a exl plus nav. The.nav still works Flawless.
  11. Hatchback CVT Advice

    Go with the EX. You cant buy a car without AA , ACP, push button start, remote start in 2018/2019.
  12. 2019 Civic Reveal
  13. 2019 Civic Reveal

    New radio HS on all model besides sport.. Maybe a new color Maybe led fog lights. Thats what Im thinking. What i really want is a nicer sport model with ex Equipment and not paying 26-27 for a ST.
  14. NO Frills for Me !

    Ok you bought a outdated car in 2016..
  15. WTB. 2016-2018 WOP bumper cover.

    Looking to buy a bumber cover for a 4rd in WOP. If anyone has one for sale.please let me know.
  16. car accident question.

    Just have a quick question. Some lady backed in to my 2016 touring 4dr and caused 1000.00 in damages. Has anyone ever traded in a car before the accident hit carfax? Im on the fence of getting it fixed and trading it in before I take a hit. I would tell the dealer that the front bumper was...
  17. Errr Mah gerdz! WAZE native on CarPlay

    Waze these nuts... Google maps and AA for the win....
  18. My wheels arrived!!

    Really not Feeling them at all... I think the stock 18" from the SI or the ST look better.
  19. My wheels arrived!!

    Can I give you my Honest opinion?
  20. no longer available

    Would you ship?