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  1. Honda testing In Ohio

    Spotted a new Odyssey and a sedan testing in the NW Columbus area today. I wasn’t fast enough to catch the sedan on camera, but it was a larger 4 door. Possibly a new Accord or a new Acura. interesting, I didn’t spot an exhaust under the Oddy, and it was very quiet. Hybrid, EV? Note the...
  2. 2021 Wake the Dragon?

    Well, since my Fontana deposit was going to expire, I’m going to head down for a few days at the end of March and just tickle the dragon a bit. Planning on being there 3/29/-4/1 if anyone is going to be there at the same time.
  3. Is the type of horn sound determined by the actual low/high horns? Or the ECU?

    Horns are electro-mechanical, meaning their design determines their sound, so yes, changing the horn will alter the sound. They aren’t digital, like the ones you hear on over-done pick-ups.
  4. How do different brand gasolines affect your MPG?

    I don’t have many options where I live. It’s Shell or grocery-store gas unless I go out of my way. I run Shell 93 almost exclusively, the car runs smoother on it as opposed to the grocery store, and it feels like it has more power. I can’t say I’ve noticed a significant difference in gas...
  5. HPD Civic Type R Race Ready CTR from HPD. $90,000 if you qualify.
  6. Weird Honda sighting

    On vacation and spotted this i-VTEC FR-V in Amsterdam. Smaller than a Fit, but it has 6 seats, so it’s considered a “mini van”.
  7. First time CVT owner. How long will it last?

    The Hybrid Civic was using a CVT for a long time before the gas Civics, as well as the FiT. Another point in its favor: the current Honda CVT is much cheaper to repair than those made by other manufacturers, which have to be replaced instead of repaired. From what I’ve seen, a major repair is...
  8. There might be something wrong with my engine

    Not sure I’m following your post; A couple of months ago you tried to downshift and the car made a noise like dragging furniture? And you’ve been driving it like that ever since? :eek: From the description it sounds like a problem with the CVT to me. Does the engine rev normally during...
  9. Scratched back up camera lens: ways to fix?

    NuFinish Scratch remover works wonders. Just be patient, it takes a lot of rubbing to make a difference.
  10. Apple CarPlay suddenly stopped working

    Reboot your phone and the head. Usually fixes it. Also I’ve noticed with the latest iOS update having the Bluetooth paired seems to help it be more stable. No idea why.
  11. A Preview of Next-Gen Civic Powertrain

    Well the Acura Type-S is coming, that argues Honda isn’t quitting the enthusiast market yet. While Tesla’s are cool, I have yet to see one at an Autocross.
  12. For those of us who complain about Honda dealers....

    You must be doing it wrong. :spaz::rofl:
  13. Wow, that was easy!

    It is stunning to me how many people are not mechanical or tech savvy in any way. What’s worrisome is that they seem to be completely oblivious to how vulnerable it makes them. Perhaps they will get weeded out of the gene pool.:D I work in aviation at the literal intersection of mechanics and...
  14. Civic AC heading for lawsuit?

    Actually, the cost of CVT repairs came up a while back, turns out that Honda has solved the CVT repair costs barriers with this generation; this CVT is repairable and repairs are the same or less than a comparable auto. This is NOT true of other manufacturers, especially Nissan and Mini.
  15. Potential Civic Owner Has Questions

    The North American Fit has always had the 1.5, so 2006 according to Wiki. The CVT for the Fit was introduced in 2015 for North America.
  16. 2020 Si Update revealed Crap website, looking for better source.
  17. Review: Torque Detail Mirror Shine

    Well, the original listing won’t open for some reason on EBay but this one is similar.
  18. Honda Sensing Autopilot FK8.

    I believe this is known as game, set, match, I'd put an emoji here if it weren't such a tragic topic:
  19. Review: Torque Detail Mirror Shine

    I'm in CBus too, I live out in Dublin. The decal came from Ebay. I think it really makes the lines pop and pays tribute to some of the graphics found on previous generations of Si.