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  1. Official AEGEAN BLUE Civic Thread

    Lol more like sitting on the 91
  2. Official AEGEAN BLUE Civic Thread

    Ya I even upgraded from an EX to EXL and I basically hate my past self for not going turbo to begin with lmao. I only took these quick pics the other day
  3. Official AEGEAN BLUE Civic Thread

    I have a blue civic again! I almost left you guys and went over to Cosmic Blue but then I came back to my senses ^_^
  4. Official AEGEAN BLUE Civic Thread

    Okay, thanks for your help:)
  5. Official AEGEAN BLUE Civic Thread

    Thanks:) and you just took it to a shop to have it painted?
  6. Official AEGEAN BLUE Civic Thread

    Oh! I was going to get this spoiler since I'm upgrading to a turbo and the insurance won't allow me to go see my car again (I wanted to take the trunk and whatever else I could lol). Mind I ask where you bought it from? Also, where'd you get the dog in car decal? ^_^
  7. What did you pay?

    Since I've totaled my baby, I've been asking all the dealers in my area for quotes on EXT w/ sensing and EXL's (I can't decide >_>). These are the quotes I've been getting: Moss Bros: EXT w/ sensing: $20,732 EXL: $21,189 -didn't specify what those prices included, I'm waiting for them to give...
  8. Hatchback - What did you pay?

    Oh no:( I pretty much gave up on my hatchback search because the sensing is too hard to find lol
  9. Hatchback - What did you pay?

    Moss Bros in MoVal quoted me $20,774 for an EX HB
  10. Wing Spoiler Installation Instructions for Civic Sedan

    lol it was like a year ago, I got it installed:) Unfortunately, my car was totaled last week, after the insurance finishes up with it, I'm going to see if I can go get my spoiler back lol (maybe I just take trunk lid instead)
  11. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    Thanks :(. I think she is done. Front and side airbags went off
  12. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    I was in the far left lane on the freeway and I saw a car loosing control as it was merging onto the freeway and then all of a sudden he was in front of me. The civic really saved me, it could have been way worse. It was kind of neat that Hondalink called roadside assistance the moment impact...
  13. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    I said goodbye to my baby today:,(
  14. No oil in the engine, any damage?

    This literally just happened to me. On Easter all the oil leaked out of my car while I was visiting my parents and that's the first time the check engine light came on. My car was serviced 2-3 wks prior and I had no indication that nothing was wrong. The drain oil plug was loose in my...
  15. How often do you use Sport Mode?

    I use it if I need to pass a car on the freeway. I call it slingshot mode lmao
  16. What are these ._files that show up and will not play from my USB flash drive in my Civic?

    When I had my older Mac running on Mountain Lion (if I remember correctly), the commands didn't work. It eventually died and I bought a new Mac and just downloaded a free app called 'Clean My Drive.' It works amazingly to get rid of the hidden files but it only works on the newer versions I believe.
  17. Favorite Driving Songs.

    Oh Tove Lo!<3 I had to give her a break cause my boyfriend got insulted by the "Like Em Young" song:rofl: I have lots of favorite driving songs, they make commuting super enjoyable to me. These are my super favs right now that I can remember off the top of my head: Zedd-Beautiful Now...
  18. Husky Liners for Civic 2016

    Oh, I double checked my email and it did say last day to save on the Husky code, I guess that expired the 15th >_>. The other code is the 19th. Give it a shot, its VIP20. It gives 20% off 79$ or more, I don't know if it will work on Husky.
  19. Husky Liners for Civic 2016

    Probably just an email one. I don't keep track but it seems like almost twice a week they email some type of code, I think it maybe best for people to give them their email address to get these emails too ^_^
  20. Husky Liners for Civic 2016

    I have an email from them that has the HUSKY15 code for 15% off Husky. Good till the 19th.