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  1. Seibon TS carbon hood wont latch, please HELP.

    Try raising the latch mechanism.
  2. Hondata Fuel System Problem?

    Might also be a LPFP that is defective.
  3. Ordered The Newly Released MAPerformance Street Exhaust

    I used to do that too. Swapping the engine, installing a clutch, supercharger, turbo, injectors, etc. Multiply the job 2x if the job is on the Subaru. Age is catching up. No more patience, no more energy. Of course that can be remedied by an exciting new part. :headbang:
  4. Tyre Pressure question

    It doesn't matter hatch, sedan, 1.5L or 2.0L. The pressure seems to depend on the tire size.
  5. Tyre Pressure question

    The different rim sizes are for other Civic models (1.5L & 2.0L NA).
  6. Tyre Pressure question

    On the other side of the coin, take a look at the owner's manual. 235/40R18 to 245/30R20 all have the same tire pressures. I would keep it at the same pressure as the stock tires.
  7. Firestone alignment?

    I have no faith in most commercial alignments, so I took the DIY path. I got the Smartstrings alignment kit and did it myself. So far I've done my '99 Civic, '11 STI, '15 Civic & '16 Civic. The most difficult part is the repetitive lifting and...
  8. Ordered The Newly Released MAPerformance Street Exhaust

    I emailed MAP a couple of questions, but never got a reply. May I ask a couple of favors? 1. Could you please give a subjective weight comparison vs the stock unit? "A lot heavier / a bit lighter" type of answer would suffice. 2. If possible could you measure the shipping box's dimensions...
  9. DIY OEM Clutch Master Cylinder Mod

    I experimented with some steel epoxy which I hardened into a 1/4" ball. After curing it was hard as rock. I then immersed it in brake fluid. After two weeks, the brake fluid has some murkiness. I was able to split the epoxy ball in half using my fingernail. I don't think the resin part can...
  10. DIY OEM Clutch Master Cylinder Mod

    The OP's method is very secure. However, I'm not familiar with welding or brazing and was afraid that heating the CMC might deform it. Instead, I plugged the holes. The holes are about 4mm in diameter. I used an 5mm hand tap to thread the holes to about 80% of the depth. Next, plug them with...
  11. Choosing an Exhaust

    Has anyone heard the Revel/Tanabe Medallion? There is a short sound clip on their website where they do a few revs while stopped. Not indicative of how it sounds at WOT. The price is sub $1000. I tried asking them about weight, but got no reply.
  12. Replacing battery - need an OBD power source?

    I've had my battery off for up to three days without any sort of memory saver. No problems at all. When the car first starts, just drive in a straight line to recalibrate the steering angle.
  13. DIY Civic Type R Transmission Fluid Change

    The Honda crowd has been successfully using GM Synchromesh Friction Modified for decades.
  14. 4th Gear & Reverse Lockouts?

    For reverse, try the following: With the car fully stopped, depress the clutch, shift into any forward gear (I usually do 3rd or 1st), then into reverse. Through out the process, keep the clutch depressed. Going from 5th to 4th, it happened to me twice. My theory is the lever was too close to...
  15. Hatch Support Shock Damper for the trunk

    I inputted all the parameters. Length, force, connector type, etc.
  16. Hatch Support Shock Damper for the trunk

    That item doesn't have the force listed. They also say it fits both the FK7 & FK8. I wonder how accurate that is. I was looking at this:
  17. Hatch Support Shock Damper for the trunk

    I searched these:||15 I tried putting some in my...
  18. Hatch Support Shock Damper for the trunk

    I don't think it is an illusion. Look at the spring clips. They should more or less run parallel to the strut. On small end they do. However, on the big end it is at a slight angle. Proof of pressure: and