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  1. Husky weather mats sedan

    Selling my Husky Mats on eBay for sedan model. Sold my civic. Search for Jaxx808 Also selling trunk liner as well.
  2. Post your aftermarket wheel/tire set up

    9th gen civic Si Oem rims.
  3. Akirazstylin


  4. Post your Civic unreal photos

    Earlier tonight my Touring went Into a spasm at the stop light. As I was making a left turn it slammed on my brakes even as I was pressing on the pedal to go. Freaked me out.
  5. Official: 2017 Civic Hatchback to Debut at Paris Auto Show. Type R Concept Possible?

    Honda release those civics're dragging this too long. Other car companies will reveal new models and the civics gonna turn to old news soon.
  6. Thin hood

    I noticed two slight dent on my hood. You can't see it up close but you could see it in a reflection. Funny you go look at it it isn't there upclose but from a far you see slight dent marks. Not from someone leaning on it or anything. And yes it had that cheap tin can sound when washing and...
  7. 2016 Civic Owners-Biggest Surprises/Disappointments so far?

    The auto wipers. That's the only flaw.
  8. Horrible parking civics

    Well it had hubcaps lol and it was an LX
  9. Horrible parking civics

    No it was a bunch of kids. I thought to myself someone's gonna key that pos lol
  10. Horrible parking civics

    Look at this idiot!
  11. aKiRaZsTyLiN


  12. Navi on Non-Navi model, Is it possible?

    It's something good to have though. Either model they're all good.
  13. Navi on Non-Navi model, Is it possible?

    I actually prefer the google maps over the navi on my touring.
  14. ASEAN / JDM Clear Side Markers now available on Ebay!

    Mine arrived today too. Will post pics later. Looks pretty nice.
  15. 2016 Civics fitted with 9th gen Si wheels

    ...and Bleu has a twin out there in Ohio. Not an identical cause it's an EX-T