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  1. Desperately need advice on "spot delivery" issue

    Haven't posted here in a very long time, but I agree with everyone here. You may technically be in breach if you don't go back in and ignore it, and they will undoubtedly send repo after you and fuck your credit score. Go in, say you don't agree to the new rate, give the car back and ask for...
  2. NYT: More than 2 dozen people killed by carbon monoxide after leaving on their keyless cars

    They do not, as it's a bigger safety hazard if they were to turn off in the middle of the road because you left your keys on the kitchen counter. It'll stay on until the car is turned off, and it'll been annoyingly at you until it senses the key inside the car.
  3. are any of these settings available - how?

    The biggest difference between VW and Honda is that for VW, the computer/settings/coding are all present for all models, and it's merely switches and values. VCDS settings for the Atlas work on the Tiguan, which works on the Golf, which sometimes work for Audis, etc. With Honda, afaik, each...
  4. are any of these settings available - how?

    b, c, d, there is not. I went from a Civic to a VW and you're right - the amount of customization is unworldly. For a), you can press the start/stop with one hand while not having released the shift-lock button, and the car will go into ACC mode instead of completely off. It's more of a...
  5. Confused about upgraded stereo

    Probably imperial watts vs metric watts :p Your best bet would likely be to drop into a UK dealership and check. Barring the wattage difference, the speakers in the US versions are: 2 x front doors + 2 x front tweeters 2 x rear doors + 2 x rear tweeters 2 x rear shelf speakers 1 x center...
  6. 2015 Honda civic How to only crank No start?

    Can you not hand crank it via crankshaft using a ratchet/breaker bar? I'm curious why you want to do this lol
  7. Running additional power to mirror for camera/removing A column

    You don't need to remove, you can just tuck the wire in with a plastic tool. The rubber trim around the door pulls off easily and there's way more than enough room. If you really want, I'm running off memory as I don't have the Civic anymore, but the little "ABS" tab on the pillar is a clip...
  8. Removing/preventing shoe scuff marks when entering/exiting

    303 Aerospace Protectant. It's specifically designed for vinyls and soft surfaces, and it removed shoe scuffs from a 15 year old door card. Don't use wd40, it'll fade and discolour.
  9. Possible Short?

    The car shouldn't die even if lights are left on; headlights are on a timer and the interior bulbs are miniscule. There are 3 possibilities: 1 - your battery is defective, and isn't holding a charge properly; 2 - your alternator is shot and isn't charging your battery properly; 3 - you have a...
  10. Car purchase trouble

    This sounds like a nightmare -- but since it does indeed look like they were bluffing to save a few bucks on fees, absolutely pore over the new contract twice, confirm everything makes sense, and wasn't altered from the first one that you both agreed to.
  11. Car purchase trouble

    (Not) legally speaking, I would think the initial contract is moot because it must include conditions on the bottom like *subject to credit approval or something along those lines. This is something you should ask the finance manager, as while as shady as they generally are, they're not going to...
  12. Car purchase trouble

    While I am obviously not an expert, my dealership would not allow down payments of more than $500 on a CC due to fees. They wanted cash or certified cheque. I suspect what's happening is you're absolutely right - whomever took your deposit screwed up, their manager came down on them, and now...
  13. Vancouver CivicX Meet?

    Shameless plug as I don't have a Civic anymore, but if anybody with the 1.5T is looking for the mishimoto oil catch can I'm selling the one I took off my car. Cheap, as it's just sitting here lol. PM!
  14. !$&$!!? Remote windows , any way to disable this "feature"?

    You can request through that very site they send you a paper manual in the first 60 days of ownership or something. You should definitely do so because 1: the car doesn't have a CD player and when you're out in the boonies the book will help and 2: when/if you trade in the car a lot of dealers...
  15. !$&$!!? Remote windows , any way to disable this "feature"?

    FWIW, my (former) co-worker's sport hatch did the same thing, in downpour. Dealer dried out the car out of good-will because this is a he said she said situation. My sedan never had a problem. So you may be right, it could be a bigger hidden issue.
  16. ALP + Net Radar Detector & Jammer Installation

    He's in Virginia...where it's illegal lol. I think Washington DC is the only other one.
  17. '18 Hatch Sport front underbody spoiler damage

    I donno if that pen you have there has the double-ended tips, one for paint and one for clearcoat...but google is your friend. The biggest issue is getting an even, thin coat, instead of gobs that either run or dry in a bubble. You should use something very small like a toothpick to slowly fill...
  18. '18 Hatch Sport front underbody spoiler damage

    Touch up pens work wonders, when done right. If not done right, they look downright worse lol. But yeah, best of luck! That would keep me up at night for a few nights lol
  19. '18 Hatch Sport front underbody spoiler damage

    Honestly, and it'll depend on your level of OCD, but I would just sharpie that shit. Yes, you'll know, and if you look close it'll definitely be noticeable, but it's the cheap and easy method.
  20. Windshield fluid reservoir leak/replacement

    ...wat. 1. How do you know the dealer put water? If indeed true, unleash hell on them because that's preeeetty damn stupid. 2. Putting water in there doesn't mean it's leaking...unless you're saying the water expanded when it froze and broke/cracked the reservoir. In which case it'll have to be...