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  1. How many miles on your Type-R?

    Purchased my 19' FK8 May 11 2019 and it is at 14,925 miles
  2. Kept the CTR and bought a REAL American muscle car too!

    Great choice! I totally agree with you, I have a 13' Boss 302 Laguna Seca that is setup for track use too and it is a great change of pace without a doubt! Variety is great!! Congratulations on your new ZL-1 1LE!!
  3. Maryland WTB : PRL intake system

    HVI, I currently have the stage 1.
  4. PPF / ceramic questions for the CTR

    Definitely remove the hood scoop when applying the PPF, much nicer final product.
  5. Sold the R and bought an American muscle car

    I really appreciate dream came true!
  6. Sold the R and bought an American muscle car

    Buy what you want! It's your money! Enjoy it! I still love my FK8 and it will be staying! I wanted another performance car and went for it. Variety is good too.👌
  7. Maryland WTB : PRL intake system

    Looking to buy a lightly used Type R PRL HVI intake system. Ready to purchase, let me know what you have. Located in Edgewater Maryland
  8. Maryland Iphone XS Max Carbon fiber case with Type R badge

    Iphone XS Max Carbon fiber case with Type R badge. Beautiful case in like new condition. Beautifully designed and built case that offers good coverage for protection. Only selling it because I purchased a new IPhone 12 Pro Max. $17.00 plus shipping
  9. Good price for a beater car

    I bad weather daily my 09' SI I've owned since 11' Never had any problems with it.
  10. Nearly 4 months since I sold my CTR... thoughts/reflections

    Glad to see you're enjoying your new Mazda! 👍 The FK8 is and will always be a special car. I can't see being without mine in the future.
  11. WTB in Maryland, PRL intake kit

    I appreciate your response but that is the exact setup I have right now.
  12. NSX finally arrived!

    Thanks! 🙏 It is truly my dream as well! Been a self started mechanical shop owner/technician since 1993 to make it finally happen!
  13. NSX finally arrived!

    I really appreciate it!🙏
  14. NSX finally arrived!

    That wasn't my car. It will be spring before I do anything.
  15. NSX finally arrived!

    Thank you very much!!🙏
  16. NSX finally arrived!

    It is very simular to the CTR, Different modes and the suspension and other items adjust in simular fashion to the Type R. It rides unbelievably well honestly! Very comfortable......could easily be a daily driver or a car to take on a coast to coast drive!!
  17. NSX finally arrived!

    They definitely had encentives for 2020! 20K discounted off the top and I negotiated further from there. The NSX only exists to perfect technology to trickle down for the rest of the models and to create some showroom traffic. They honestly don't seem concerned and honestly can't support large...
  18. NSX finally arrived!

    No problem at all! I'm 100% shift for myself person but in this application I can definitely say the DCT is the proper tool for this job! The car revs up so quickly without any tire spin and this uses every bit of the power very efficiently! Acura did the right thing. Here is a great example...
  19. NSX finally arrived!

    🙏 Great choice on the NSX!!👍🔥