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  1. Removal

    hmmm... if you remove it...what are your plans w/ the holes?
  2. Show me your aftermarket shift knob

    Raceseng Ashiko in Gloss Red w/ Bootretainer
  3. Shift boot collar

    its for sure possible as the shift boot is zip tied onto the collar. just a matter of looking wonky now depending on the shift boot colar
  4. Type S grill badge: Nice or rice?

    nay in my book. only because type s is an actual trim within the honda universe. So technically...its not a type s... and type s does not = honda civic type 'sport'. which means...rice in my eyes. but just my opinion obvi.
  5. New here, Looking for some help!

    Universal in a sense that its a pipe that guides the exhaust gas out... yes. However, with the various civic trims that honda provides.. you can see that the length of car matters... the various bumpers etc.
  6. New here, Looking for some help!

    I personally have a HKS Hi-Power Exhaust System for my Si Sedan. I chose that particularly exhaust due to build quality, fitment, sound & price. Of course theres a bunch more like Borla, MAPerformance, GReddy to name a few. Theres a lot of researching that goes into any mod parts so i would...
  7. Ktuner and TPMS light

    i would say check for a tire leak. i know... very obvious... give it a try
  8. New here, Looking for some help!

    Welcome Nick. i would first suggestion would be minor mods and upgrades being that this is your first hoorah into the scene.. You want to get into the hang of modding your car and experience what its like...w/ baby steps. Of course, you'll find out right away your capabilities as you go through...
  9. Can Anyone Confirm? 3m onto Vinyl Wrap

    Aye thank you everyone!
  10. Can Anyone Confirm? 3m onto Vinyl Wrap

    Trying to install some Window Visors. But i have a chrome delete vinyl wrap on the trim. Can anyone confirm if i stick my Window Visors onto the vinyl wrap, itll stay?
  11. 2nd Gear Downshift

    i have noticed this too. i found the sweet spot for down shift to actually be around ~ 10- 15mph @ 2800rpm - 3000rpm for that smooth transition. In the end, i never find myself down shifting to 2nd as often as i would unless I'm doing a rolling stop at a stop sign (sshhhhh dont tell anyone.)
  12. Was is going on with Sponsor "PRL'

    Yes & No. I placed an order back in May-June for a Cobra Cold Air Intake. I knew there would be some sort of delay as i was certain the worldly situation would for sure impact my mentioned on the website as well. After my ETA has passed, i decided to give PRL a call. Spoke to a woman...
  13. Shift Knob Coil Broke

    cut your loses, and wait for a real shift knob. You wouldn't want to be driving and accidentally snap off the knob because its a POS. Trust.
  14. Infotainment (Honda Hacked) Not getting Internet

    Shows wifi Icon as connected. Picked up SSID, password all of that. "Connected" when i click on the list of wifi's to connect to. But the issue is, if i click on web browser or youtube or even netflix & Waze, i get no connection.
  15. Infotainment (Honda Hacked) Not getting Internet

    Until recently, I have been not able to get internet working on my infotainment system. It is Honda Hacked. I do see WiFi symbol and is connecting to my house wifi with great connectivity. Any one has any ideas?
  16. Anyone paid a shop to install a chrome delete kit?

    Personally, i have not done it this way but also wouldn't prefer to. Only because its a fairly simple job and yes you may mess up here and there but going to a shop to get it done is more of an hassle and waste of money than it would be doing it on your own. I actually bought a 1.5" x 6' black...
  17. Help Removing Si Sedan Spoiler Top/"Cap"

    thank you for this. definitely needed that. Phew! luckily i didnt do anything yetl
  18. Help Removing Si Sedan Spoiler Top/"Cap"

    Thanks, im not actually looking to remove the whole spoiler from the trunk. Just looking to remove the top part of the spoiler which appears to be a 'cap' to the stem of the spoiler.
  19. Help Removing Si Sedan Spoiler Top/"Cap"

    Would like to see if someone can confirm this.. but i am trying to remove the top part of my spoiler, not a complete removal from the trunk. I am trying to wrap it with some vinyl but not exactly confidence in pulling it straight off just yet. I find that theres two screws on each end of the...
  20. Tires for 18x9.5 45 wheels

    well thank you good sir =]. any of those fitments wouldnt be rubbing either correct? any modifications etc?